Much of the clothing debuted in the Spring 2014 collections of high-fashion designers are out of reach for us college students. However, it is important to take note of fashion week because high-end designers dictate many of these trends.

Two main concepts that are huge this spring are creating effortless yet chic looks. These concepts were perfectly utilized on the runway, as seen in the 2014 collections. Using similar silhouettes from the past few seasons -- sleek, contouring, and whimsical -- the best designers were able to capture art, intellect and playfulness and blend that into their handcrafted and thoughtful pieces for Spring 2014, according to Elle Magazine.

Looking at the bold colors and playful prints of Spring 2014, they’re fun and sexy, yet there is a take on minimalism and sport-inspired styles that impart a relaxed vibe for the spring. A rejuvenated awakening is what you might feel, especially when looking for wardrobe inspiration from the likes of Tom Ford and Vera Wang.

Yet, these luxe athletic pieces should still be worn with heels to maintain sophistication of the leather or silk materials used in creating basketball shorts or sweatshirts, according to the “Spring 2014 Trend Report.” However, if they’re carefully paired with the right flats, the outfit can still work too if you are going for casual and chic.

Some of the more enjoyable pieces were curated by the likes of Chanel, using colorful brush stroke designs that seemed to be placed meticulously, but also effortlessly. In addition, the fit and silhouettes of this art-inspired garb reflected a new wave of femininity that was bold, powerful and simple. Other designers like Celine and Kenzo, focused on more of an abstract appeal, while Prada used graphic prints of political street muralists.

Other trends on the runway for spring are metallic wearables for daytime, such as a silky metallic maxi skirt by Altuzarra or a gold metallic shift dress from Diane von Furstenberg. Tribal prints were also reinvented this season; designers indulged in cultures across Asia, the Americas, Europe and Africa, which set the tone for spring.

These were evident from Donna Karen’s layered chiffon maxi dress that perfectly infused African-like browns and oranges, to the pagan princesses of Valentino, as noted by

The last trend of the bunch was business-casual looks that transcended the original button up by using more fashionable lengths with color blocking and low-cuts. Alexander Wang, who most famously invented the street-wear pajama set, was among this collection -- a collection that is worth looking into as a college student.

The menswear collection set a dark and almost sinister tone for spring, using dark colors like deep burgundies and dark blues for the base of the color palette. Designers like Dries Van Noten and Saint Laurent infused floral prints that were more glowering than usually expected for spring. Typical high-power suits have taken a vacation, using softer lines and looser fittings, almost seeming like a ‘90s take on suits. Giorgio Armani and Valentino definitely give that “too cool for school” vibe with their suits.  

Also seen on the runway for the men was a fifties take on casual wear, with high-waist pants and relaxed collars on loose button-up shirts, but modernizing the look with brush stroke prints.

Probably the most coveted themes for menswear this season are the sporty trends that we have seen in the collections for their female counterparts. From Givenchy’s use of bold prints on windbreakers to bold colors on loosely fitted pants, this collection is all about being casual and fun.

For the edgier and more fashionable man, cynical romanticism was a key element in some collections, like metallic burgundy blazer by Roberto Cavalli.

Lastly, other trends included blue on blue outfits, like Louis Vuitton’s gangster inspired paisley button-up and colorful baggy Bermuda shorts, fitter at the waist.

Now that spring is approaching, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort by exploring in some of the refreshing trends for this season.

Expect contemporary brands to be carrying these trends from the runway in a more affordable capacity.