Erika Kind, Author

College is a time of self-discovery, but many struggle to find their path in life. Hoping to help others discover their own path, author Erika Kind set out on a mission to guide those of all ages but especially young adults.

Kind’s novel,"‘I’m Free: Awareness of Who You Are by Discovering Who You Are Not!" encourages readers to search for value, power, magnificence and creative opportunities within their lives.

“As soon as we know who we really are, we are connecting with an unknown or forgotten energy within us that makes us know that we can be, do or have anything we always wished for,” Kind said.

Kind found inspiration for "I’m Free" in numerous aspects of her own life including her upbringing in Vienna, Austria and ongoing spiritual practice.

As the oldest of three girls with an admittedly strict father, Kind felt that failure was never an option.

“This influenced me very much in a way that let me hide my own personality and invent one I thought is accepted,” Kind said.

Kind began rediscovering herself when she took a six-month break consisting of travelling and examining her life. During her time in California, Kind realized something that allowed her to free her mind.

“When I was sitting on a beach during that special afternoon and gazing at the ocean, it hit me like a thunderstruck,” Kind said. “I had one sentence in mind: I don’t need to fear anything or anyone!”

Kind said that while writing "I’m Free," she was able to deepen her own insight while summing up a person’s greatest relief.

In addition to writing, Kind works as a spiritual healer, which involves learning to read Tarot Cards and engaging in energetic or physical healing. Although she started these practices later in life, the desire to help others has always been her passion.

“Even as a girl of 14 years I developed the wish to be there for others and encourage them and lighten them up,” Kind said.

Even though she had the desire to help others, she struggled with a lack of self-confidence.

“I did not believe in myself and did not dare to stand behind my words until the moment all the conditions fell into place and I was ready to enter a new chapter in my life,” Kind said.

Kind details her own experiences in her book to let readers know how she overcame problems. She specifically talks about fears and how she worked through them by recognition.

“The next step was to catch destructive thoughts and turn them around,” Kind said. “It was amazing how my mood changed within seconds.”

Kind details how others can accomplish the same method of overcoming fear in "I’m Free."

“While reading my book, something is already coming into motion,” Kind said.

Kind hopes the book will inspire change in both thought and attitude of the reader right away, though she acknowledges parts of that change will be challenging.

“When you change your perspective towards yourself and start to cherish yourself, you align with your true self — your soul,” Kind said.

Some readers have already found the book to be helpful as Kind intended.

“In my opinion, this book is a must for anyone who is interested in spirituality and also for those that have lost their way or are looking for their reason for being here in this incarnation,” Chris Gaydon, medium and healer, said.

Blogger Turquoise Compass found Kind’s experiences in the book to mirror her own experience in self-discovery, praising “I’m Free” on Kind’s Wordpress blog.

Kind offers a simple yet powerful piece of advice from Mahatma Gandhi: Be the change you wish to see in the world.

“Wanting a change in your life starts with the man in the mirror,” Kind said. “It is always in your hands, and you can start to change your life right now when you change a single destructive thought about yourself.”

Ultimately Kind encourages others to practice gratitude, a large part of the path to self-actualization laid out in "I’m Free."

“Practice gratitude, and you will shift your thoughts from dark to light, from unwanted to wanted, from frustration to joy,” Kind said. “Being grateful makes you take away the energy of what you don’t want in what you want.”