Summertime in Blacksburg is the perfect opportunity to head outdoors and discover all of the wonders of nature. Montgomery County is home to a number of exceptional hiking trails and scenic views, some of them even making lists of the top 100 best trails in the country.

From the novice hiker to mountain climber, there are trails for all levels of experience.

Whether you want an easy walk around a nice site, or a challenging journey to the apex of a mountain, you can find it in our very own backyard.

Many of the more popular destinations are a part of the Appalachian Trail, overlooking much of Montgomery County’s countryside.  If you don’t want to drive as far, there are many local sites in Pembroke and Blacksburg.

Here is a breakdown of some of the best trails our location has to offer.

Appalachian Trail:

Dragon’s Tooth – Catawba, VA

Overlooking Jefferson National Forest, this slightly challenging trail will take you 2.8 miles to reach the proclaimed rock formations.

As the trail takes you up the mountain there are some relatively steep patches that make this hike fun for all levels.

McAfee’s Knob – Catawba, VA

As you hike this path you get a scenic view overlooking Catawba and Roanoke Valley.

As the trail progresses the last mile becomes steep making this path for more experienced hikers.

Sinking Creek Mountain – Sinking Creek Valley, VA

This path will take you two miles to reach the designated campsite on the mountain, taking roughly three and a half hours round trip over the mountain.

Tinker Cliffs – Catawba Valley, VA

This five hour hike takes you three miles up the Catawba valley, overlooking much of Montgomery’s countryside.

As one of the longer hikes, plan for a full afternoon.

Other Local Attractions:

Cascades Waterfall – Pembroke, VA

Just over two miles to the top, the 66 foot waterfall brings all levels of hikers to splash in its pools of water.

Easy enough for all experience levels, the four mile round trip hike is one of the most popular destinations among students.

Barney’s Wall – Pembroke, VA

If you continue past the Cascade’s Waterfall you will find yourself at Barney’s Wall, a rock wall framing the epic view of the Little Stoney Creek and New River Valleys.

From the parking lot this trail will take you 7.5 miles to reach the end, taking roughly four hours.

Pandapas Pond – Jacob’s Ladder – Montgomery County, VA

Pandapas Pond is home to many trails of all varieties.

As a part of the Jefferson National Forest you can choose to take a light stroll around the pond or attempt a path like Jacob’s ladder, a roughly one mile hike to destination.

Brush Mountain – Blacksburg, VA

A more challenging adventure, this eight mile trail will take you all over the mountain.

If you get a chance to try it, you might find yourself overlooking much of the Blacksburg community and Campus.

Huckleberry Trail – Blacksburg, VA

This 5.75 mile path is paved for pedestrians and bikers looking to enjoy an easier walk through the park.

This is one of the more popular destinations for avid bikers.

Mountain Lake

“Dirty Dancing” fans across the region trek to this location to find the setting of this classic film.

This area is also known for a few great local restaurants.

For more information on hiking locations in the area, checkout the Outing Club at Virginia Tech or