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Glossier is a millennial-targeted makeup and skincare brand that has swept the nation in the past few years. Glossier embodies the idea of no makeup makeup, meaning the products are formulated to enhance your skin, not change the look of it. This brand is a great choice for those days when you can’t be bothered to put in more than 15 minutes of effort in the morning. Recently, Glossier has strayed away from its signature minimalistic look and branched out into a fun new sub-brand named Glossier Play. The idea of this collection is a more dramatic, glittery,  night-on-the-town look for those who are looking for a little something more than a natural face.

As a huge fan of Glossier for as long as it’s been on the scene, I have compiled quite a collection of their products over the years. After thorough testing and evaluation of each one, I have decided to focus on the makeup aspect of the brand to give you the breakdown on which Glossier and Glossier Play makeup products would be the best choices for every Virginia Tech occasion.

Cloud Paint

Cloud Paint is a cream-based blush that comes in a tube similar to that of an acrylic paint. This blush would be the perfect choice for a picnic with friends at the Duck Pond or outside Moss Arts Center. It comes in six shades ranging from nude to peach to berry, and there is a color to compliment everyone’s complexion. Wearing Cloud Paint to the Duck Pond or Moss Arts Center in spring or summer when the flowers are blooming would make your cheeks pop and give you a pretty, natural pink glow that would make you the envy of all of your friends.

Invisible Shield sunscreen

This product is a clear, light sunscreen that can be applied on bare skin or under a full face of makeup. This product would be the perfect choice for a relaxing day at The Edge pool or a float down the New River. Its non-tacky formula is almost impossible to detect, so all you’re left with is a dewy, healthy glow –– and protection from UV rays, of course.


Lidstar is a liquid eyeshadow that comes in six sheer, sparkly and seamless shades. This product is great for those days when you want a more natural look with a bit of shine. We all know how hard it is to get out of bed for early classes in the morning, so we need all the help we can get with quick and easy makeup products to hide tired eyes. Lidstar would be the perfect addition to your before-class morning routine. By adding a swipe of this eyeshadow before you head to class, you will look rested, glowy and effortless.

Vinylic Lip

The Vinylic Lip is a high-shine, hydrating lip lacquer that is formulated to have the consistency of a lip balm with the shine of a lipstick. This product would be perfect for a dinner out at Cabo Fish Taco or a late-night bite at Benny’s. The six shades range from a firetruck red to a hot pink to a mauvey-nude, and it is just glossy enough to make you look a little dressed up. The formula goes on like a lip stain, so even after you’ve taken a big bite of your Benny’s slice or devoured your jalapeno mashed potatoes, you’ll still be left with a sheerly tinted lip for the rest of the night.

Balm Dotcom

Balm Dotcom is a universal skin salve, meaning it can be used not only on lips but on any part of your skin that needs rejuvenating. It can be smeared on lips, elbows, hands, cuticles or any other dry patch you may encounter. Because of this quality, it is ideal for walking across campus  on a windy day. Your lips and skin will be protected against cracking and chapping from the harsh Blacksburg winds, not to mention it comes in delicious flavors such a birthday cake, rose, cherry, mango, mint and coconut, so you’ll smell good all day.

Glitter Gelee

Glitter Gelee is one of the newer Glossier Play products, and it is exactly what it sounds like: glitter jelly. By formulating this glitter into a jelly-like consistency, Glossier has ensured that it protects against fallout and stays where it’s placed all day or all night. This product would be ideal for your classic Virginia Tech fraternity party. The black lights and laser lights featured at every frat house would highlight the holographic flecks of glitter and make you stand out from the crowd. The glitter comes in four colors: a green gold, a copper, a silver and a holographic opal, all of which would be the perfect new addition to your classic Friday night makeup.


Wowder is Glossier’s matte finishing powder. It mattifies your skin to get rid of any excess shine, leaving you with a poreless, clean-looking finish. This product would be perfect for Virginia Tech tailgates and football games. Center Street is great and all, but after four plus hours in the hot Blacksburg sun, anyone would start to get sweaty. This unfortunate reality can cause you to look like you just ran a mile instead of enjoying the nice weather and hyping up our football team. You can combat this by applying Wowder before leaving your house for Center Street, ensuring a perfect matte finish that lasts long after “Enter Sandman” blares through Lane Stadium.

Boy Brow

Boy Brow is Glossier’s eyebrow gel that thickens and grooms brows for a natural, enhanced look. Once the gel is applied, your brows are locked in place for an all-day hold. This product would be a great choice for a hike to the Cascades or McAfee’s Knob. It’s no secret that hiking can be a struggle, which means you will inevitably sweat when making your way up the mountain. Boy Brow ensures that your brows remain picture-perfect, so your obligatory Instagram photoshoot isn’t compromised by rogue, untamed brows when you finally reach the top of the mountain.


Haloscope is Glossier’s highlighter stick that applies like a balm and leaves you with a dewy glow. This product would be the best choice for the days that you decide to do homework on the Drillfield or the lawn in front of your dorm. It’s subtle and natural, but it catches the light –– and the attention of onlookers –– and makes you look a little more glowy than usual. The stick applicator makes applying this onto bare skin easy, and the effect lasts all day and leaves your skin feeling hydrated and fresh.

Lip Gloss

Glossier’s Lip Gloss is everything you’d want a lip gloss to be. Think middle school and Lip Smacker, and then morph that into the perfect clear, plumping gloss that levels up any makeup look with an undeniable shine. This lip gloss would be ideal for a night in downtown Blacksburg. Its glassy finish and clear sheen help it to stay on all night without feeling tacky, and make it easy to apply over any lip color for added shine. As long as you sip your drink with a straw to ensure maximum wear of the product, your lips will be the talk of the town all night long.

From lip products to skincare to eye glitters, Glossier has a product for every person and every occasion. This guide is not comprehensive, and Glossier has many more skincare and makeup items that are not listed here. If you get the chance, pick up a few of these products and test them out while enjoying your favorite Virginia Tech activities. I’m not saying Glossier made these products with Hokies in mind, but they sure do fit pretty well into our Blacksburg lifestyles.

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