Pritchard Residence Hall

The Pritchard Residence Hall, July 3, 2019

With school being halfway through the semester, many are wondering how freshmen — the ones who were breaking glass, pulling fire alarms and wreaking havoc in the residence halls — are doing. However, it’s not often that someone stops to check in on the transfer students that are just as new to Virginia Tech. In fact, according to Virginia Tech’s Transfer Experience webpage, about 20% of each graduating class is made up of transfer students. There are multiple reasons that students decide to switch schools, but one thing is for sure: In the beginning, being a transfer student feels like eternal FOMO.

Luckily, Virginia Tech offers a wide variety of opportunities for transfer students, one being the Transfer Experience. This Living-Learning Community, located in Pritchard Hall, is specifically designed for transfer students, no matter their age or path in their college experience. With National Transfer Student Week being just a few weeks ago, several transfer students have reflected on their time here at Tech.

“Getting this job just really opened my eyes to all the struggles that transfer students feel and especially this feeling of being lost and really feeling overlooked at such a large school like Virginia Tech,” said Allison Silknetter, the Transfer Experience program director.

Silknetter also stated that the main issues transfer students face are making sure that they are enrolled in all the right classes in order to graduate, and getting involved in clubs and activities later than their non-transfer peers. The Transfer LLC offers a wide variety of opportunities for its students to make them feel like they’re not alone in their transfer journey. 

“It’s given me leadership opportunities; a lot of connections outside of the LLC as far as getting in touch with coordinators, advisors, and other departments on campus,” said Cassandra Garcia, a senior majoring in biological sciences. 

Garcia is also the president of the Transfer Experience this year and was vice president last year. She has had a huge impact on the success of the transfer community. 

“Just seeing her flexibility and how she is — (she) just rolled with everything,” Silknetter said in reference to Garcia.  

The most important piece of advice for a transfer student is this: Get involved. 

“Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there; it’ll make the transition easier,” Garcia said. “My biggest advice would be to ask a lot of questions … or as my dad likes to say, ‘Be the pebble in somebody’s shoe.’”

For those looking to transfer to Virginia Tech, don’t wait: Apply now. 

“Being on the ball and getting yourself as organized as you can will just make it that much smoother to transfer,” Silknetter said. 

Hokie transfers, especially the ones that are experiencing their first semester here, don’t have a lot of time left in their college experience. Whether it be the positive community or our motto of “Ut Prosim,” these transfers believe they made the right decision to become Hokies. 

“I came to visit one day, and I automatically felt welcomed — and that’s just a feeling that other campuses didn’t give me,” Garcia said.

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