Penn Badgley stars as Joe Goldberg in "You".

If you haven’t seen the second season of “You” or even the first, stop reading now as there are spoilers ahead. The second season of the hit Netflix series “You” premiered Dec. 26 with a total of 10 new episodes. Starring “Gossip Girl” fan favorite Penn Badgley as main protagonist Joe Goldberg and an all new cast and location, fans are excited to see charming, murderous Joe back on our laptop screens. 

“You” season one is based on Caroline Kepnes’ bestselling novel “You”while season two follows the sequel “Hidden Bodies.” To recap season one, Guinevere Beck is a beautiful, graduate student in New York who fatefully meets the handsome, bookstore manager Joe Goldberg. At first Joe seems like your typical nice guy who just wants to find love. However, viewers are shown that Joe has a dark side. He will do whatever it takes to receive Beck’s undying love even if that includes stalking and murder. 

It is revealed in season two of  “You” that Candace, Joe’s girlfriend before Beck, is very much alive, much to the dismay of Joe after believing he left her for dead in the woods. Terrified of Candace outing him to the police or even possibly killing him for revenge, Joe takes off to Los Angeles to start a new life with a new name. This is the first difference from the book “Hidden Bodies” where Joe moves to Los Angeles to find his ex-girlfriend, Amy Adam.

In the first episode Joe introduces himself as Will Bettelheim to his neighbor Delilah, played by Carmela Zumbado. Viewers find out later in the episode that he has kidnapped the real Will and is keeping him in The Box in a nearby storage unit. With the intent of being a different person, Joe has no plan to kill Will. However, he reverts back to his old ways and becomes the killer Joe we all know and are scared to love.

“You” cannot be complete without an object of affection for Joe, and in the second season he meets wealthy and humble Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) whose parents own Anavrin, the supermarket where Joe works. Joe immediately becomes infatuated with Love and begins a relationship with her. Enamored by Love and believing he has truly never been in love until her, Joe is excited to begin his new life with Love. 

Of course, obstacles always seem to find a way to nudge their way in between Joe’s love life when Candace inevitably finds him and exposes him to Love. I found this to be intriguing since Candace is deceased in the novel and Joe himself is the one to expose his killings to Love. 

Love and Joe break up thus making Joe spark up a romance with Delilah. The twist to the show is that Delilah is killed by Love revealing her murderous tendencies to which Joe is not too thrilled to learn. In the book Delilah is murdered by Joe instead, but the twist in making Love a killer as well set the show up for major success. 

Season two ends with Love and Joe living together and expecting a baby, Love’s twin brother dead and Joe helping out Delilah’s younger sister Ellie (Jenna Ortega) financially. All seems well until Joe spots his neighbor reading and calls her “you,” which makes viewers believe he is going to obsess over and stalk a new girl even with a murderous pregnant girlfriend in tow. 

I love that Joe can never seem to be satisfied and continues to look for his next victim, which means that season three will be filled with drama that will surely differ from both seasons.

Season two of “You” may be different from the book “Hidden Bodies,” however the twist in making Love a killer was unexpected and thrilling to watch. In the book, Joe kills everyone who gets in his way, but in the show he only kills bad people such as Jasper, the debt collecting thug and Henderson the comedian with a gross interest in underage girls. 

Despite him still being a killer, the audience and myself will always seem to empathize with him. I expected repetition of season one in season two, but I did not expect how different and sinister it could get. With Candace playing a pivotal role, new characters and Love being more than just a victim, season two is a great follow up to an amazing first season.

“You” season two received a 91% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes and an 82% audience rating. With critics saying that “You” remains “captivating, keeps you on your toes and is filled with satisfying twists and turns,” this season will only keep viewers begging for the next one.

“You” season two is the perfect show for Hokies to binge during this winter break and is sure not to disappoint. I give the second season four out of five stars.