Slice Queen

A picture of the inside of Slice Queen located in Blacksburg. 

One thing Hokies can bond over is our collective love of pizza. From global chains such as Domino’s and Papa John’s to college favorite Benny’s, pizza is definitely a highly sought out food for Virginia Tech students.

Yassimmo, an authentic Italian restaurant and pizzeria, permanently closed this year, and to fill the space on South Main Street, a new pizza joint called Slice Queen has arrived. Slice Queen had its grand opening Oct. 14, 2019 and has quickly developed a four-star rating on Yelp.

Hunter Withrow, general manager of Slice Queen, met Angelo Carlone, the owner and operator of Slice Queen, four years ago when Carlone was running Angelo’s Pizza in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Carlone changed Rocky Mount’s pizza culture with his creative pizza flavor menu and ultimately left a mark after leaving Angelo’s Pizza. He then wished to branch out and open an independent restaurant with the concept of a donut shop except it’s Detroit-style deep dish pizza. 

When a location in Blacksburg opened up, Carlone jumped at the opportunity to immerse himself in a college town where students would be more open and accepting of his unique pizza flavors. The menu at Slice Queen consists of over 10 pizza flavors with compelling names such as Sup Dude, Veggie Voodoo, Dorm Gourm and I’m in Love with the Cocoa. 

You will not be disappointed by the range of different ingredients on each pizza such as maple syrup, cookie batter, waffles, cranberry glaze and marshmallows. Pizza is not the only thing you will find on the menu; the comically named appetizers, “Munchies,” complete the menu with wings, mozzarella sticks and subs.

“I never thought I would like syrup on a pizza but after trying the Foreign Exchange slice I am now convinced that you can do just about everything with pizza,” said senior computer science major Cristhian Benitez.

With dough and sauce made from scratch, cheese from reputable sources and other fresh ingredients, Slice Queen wants customers to know that it is a serious business when it comes to pizza.

Not only does Slice Queen want to attract consumers through its pizza but also through the design of its restaurant. When you first walk in there are several community tables, television screens playing Soul Train and paint to decorate a plate or a piece of paper to hang up on the walls. Withrow describes the vibe in the restaurant as very welcoming that emphasizes great hospitality and inclusivity where everyone can feel like they’re at home. 

Slice Queen has many marketing investments in the works. One they are the most excited about is the opening of a pizza school on Sundays starting in January, where individuals, couples and friends can learn how to make pizza the authentic way.

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