McComas Hall

The outside of McComas Hall, the location of one of the gyms on campus, Oct. 30 2019

As a Virginia Tech student, there are a wide variety of locations around campus that are intended to benefit your overall experience here. Oftentimes, students neglect to take advantage of what is available to them, either due to a lack of knowledge or a lack of time and effort. Whether you’re an incoming first-year student or graduating soon, the time to familiarize yourself with everything around you is now. While we don't know how many of these amenities will be open to the public yet due to COVID policies, here are some to take advantage of if they're open.

If you’re looking to get, or stay, in shape or maybe just have some recreational fun with friends, Virginia Tech has two on-campus gyms that are free to use for all Tech students.* Near the Drillfield is War Memorial Hall, a newly renovated gym that hosts athletic activities of all kinds. With multiple courts that can be reserved for games such as basketball, racquetball, volleyball, and squash, cardio and weight training rooms, as well as swimming pools and more, War Memorial Hall is home to activities that cater to a variety of interests. 

Near Lane Stadium is McComas Hall, a gym that has some of the same as well as different offerings than that of its aforementioned counterpart. While it does have weight training rooms, cardio equipment areas, a pool, as well as volleyball and basketball courts like War Memorial Hall does, this gym has an indoor jogging track, an spin cycling room, and two fitness studios.* 

For those seeking to participate in some fun outdoor exercising, the fitness park located at the Prairie Quad near residences halls Lee, Peddrew-Yates, and New Residence Hall East may be the place for you.* It’s newly renovated with basketball and sand volleyball courts, and has upper-body equipment such as rings and bars for anyone who wants to get in some extra exercise. 

“My advice is (that) the gym basketball courts can get really crowded and cluttered, so bring a ball to the outdoor courts by Pritchard and you’ll have a much easier time finding a game, and you’ll make some friends too,” said Robert Brinker, a rising senior at Virginia Tech studying management.

The go-to place for getting work done, having group meetings, and studying for that upcoming test of yours is definitely Newman Library, Virginia Tech’s premier location for getting on your academic grind.* Aside from being able to check out books and rent academia-related resources, the library is the perfect place to be your place of work. Study spaces, group work rooms and studios are some of the numerous options available among the five floors that the library has. 

Similar to Newman Library, New Classroom Building, commonly referred to as “NCB,” is a popular on-campus spot for getting work done. Located near Perry Street Parking Deck, New Classroom Building is a building that serves various purposes. A number of classes are held in  its lecture rooms, while other spaces allow students to study, hold group meetings and get work done.* 

For any personal health concerns that arise during your time at Virginia Tech, the Schiffert Health Center is your on-campus clinic option. You need to schedule an appointment to see a care provider, which can be done via a phone call or on its website. For those who take prescribed medications, a number of options are available to be fulfilled through the health center’s pharmacy. Services such as STI testing, health screenings and various other healthcare-related needs are also available. 

Cook Counseling Center is an on-campus resource that’s covered under tuition for any students seeking counseling or other forms of personal help. Options such as individual counseling, group workshops and referral services are some of the many offerings that the center provides. 

While you may be here as a student for years, time does fly by, and you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not taking advantage of the resources available to you on campus. Get the most out of your tuition and time at Virginia Tech by using the amenities around the area to your benefit. 

* It should be noted that these amenities still exist at Virginia Tech, however, as to whether or not they will be available for student and/or faculty use this fall has not been announced formally by the university as of yet. 

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