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For many Hokies out there, this coronavirus pandemic has put a dark cloud over our summer plans. Many of us were forced out of internships, job opportunities, travel plans and other activities that we originally had lined up to keep us preoccupied this summer. While in many ways our summer won’t end up panning out the way we intended it to, we owe it to ourselves to make the best of it, while still being mindful of the world we currently live in. Just because we’re limited as to what we can do doesn’t mean we’re doomed to a bummer of a summer; there’s many ways to make this break a blast.

If you’re seeking to make some money this summer and are currently in need of a job, there are a variety of options out there to pad your bank account. With many people unable to do their own grocery shopping in person, virtual shopping apps such as Instacart allow for people to earn money by driving to local grocery stores and shop for those who place orders through the app. Additionally, restaurant delivery services such as Grubhub and Uber Eats allow for people to earn money by picking up orders from restaurants and delivering to homes and businesses with hourly earnings and tips.

To get ahead on your academics, perhaps it’s not too late to look into taking summer classes. Many community colleges and universities are hosting online options for a number of their traditional summer class offerings, with some having lectures through Zoom in lieu of in-person class meetings. For those who feel that staying home is going to be a large portion of their summer activities, perhaps taking advantage of this down time by advancing on your academic progress is the best use of your time.

John Parker Romo, senior kicker for Virginia Tech’s football team and economics major, had his summer plans impacted by this pandemic. Having recently been married, Romo originally had different plans in mind for both the marriage ceremony and events afterward.

“There were a lot of restrictions and guidelines we had to follow in order to have our wedding on May 23,” Romo said. “We were supposed to have about 325 people attending mine and Lauren’s (his wife) wedding, but coronavirus only allowed us to have about 130 people.” 

 Romo also mentioned that his post-wedding plans with his wife had to be adjusted due to the constraints that this pandemic has placed on businesses and areas around the world. 

“We were also supposed to go to Hawaii for our honeymoon, but we would have had to quarantine in Hawaii before actually being able to do anything,” Romo said. “Our resort was also closed. We decided to honeymoon in Florida since the state would partially be opening back up.”

Beyond learning through academic activities, there are ways to learn that enrich your life in general that can be accomplished this summer. For those who love to learn new skills, taking the time to look up recipes and tutorials on how to cook might be a good use of your time. DIY pizza recipes, how to bake the best cookies, stir frying techniques and other cooking-related learning are fun and useful ways to make the best of your time at home this summer. 

While this summer break may not look to be the way many of us were anticipating pre-pandemic times, there’s no reason not to make the best of what we have. The worst thing we could do when this is all over and done with is look back on these times and feel that we wasted our lives away by not taking advantage of our circumstances to better ourselves for the better times ahead. We may not be able to see what’s yet to come, but we can ensure that whatever the future holds is better off by working toward making the best use of the time we have this summer to live as best of lives as we can. 

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