Avril Lavigne Head Above Water

Avril Lavigne "Head Above Water"

After four years of silence, Avril Lavigne has made a comeback, releasing her new album, “Head Above Water” on Feb. 15 via BMG. It features a number of songs ranging from a collab with Nicki Minaj to more serious songs that are filled with emotion.

Lavigne has not produced any music since 2015 when she announced her battle with Lyme disease. “I’m in a battle. One night, I thought I was dying, and I had accepted that I was going to die,” she explained on her website.

Since the initial announcement, Lavigne explained how the writing of “Head Above Water” began. She described how the song lyrics “flooded through me from that point on.”

After years of crafting the album, the final result is moving. It is obvious how much time and thought was put into the album and I was impressed with the message behind every song.

Here are some of the highlights from the album:

“Head Above Water”

The first song on the album was released back in September but did not get much attention until now. It is extremely heavy, as Lavigne sings about her personal struggles and attempt to stay positive through her battle.

Lavigne explains on her website that, “‘Head Above Water’ was the first song that I sang (after two years of bed rest). I was fresh off not singing for two years. I thought my voice would be weak, but it ended up being stronger than ever.”

It is a powerful song that is definitely worth a listen. In my opinion, this song is the best off of the album, which makes its placement as the album’s first song the right decision.


Immediately while listening, it is obvious this song was made to be a hit. It has a more pop feel to it, with a great rhythm and chorus.

Lavigne sings about her escape from a toxic relationship by using a metaphor of a bird flying away. It seems less personal than the other songs, but is still a front runner because of its catchiness and energy.


Lavigne switches it up a bit with a more lighthearted song about a crush. This song has a different sound to it that reminds me of Ariana Grande.

As you get toward the middle of the album, it is nice to hear a song that acts like a breath of fresh air after a number of serious songs.

“Love Me Insane”

Continuing with the lighthearted feel, Lavigne includes a fun song that immediately put me in a good mood. From the beginning, her voice grabs the audience with her warm, comforting sound.

This song is similar to “Crush” in that they both discuss feelings for a certain individual. This song is more developed, and a bit more serious which I think makes it better.

All in all, I believe “Head Above Water” as an album deserves a solid four out of five stars. I definitely encourage others to give it a listen to relive their “Sk8r Boi” days. It is hard to compare this album to her previous work, but I think this album is one of her best.

After listening, it is hard to believe she disappeared for so long, but it is amazing to see how strong she is now through her music. There was definitely a load of pressure on Lavigne to produce something spectacular that makes up for six years of no music, and I believe she accomplished this.

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