Newman Small Group Study Rooms

The fourth floor private group study rooms, Newman Library, Oct. 6, 2018.

Valentine’s Day, or Singles Awareness Day, may not be a reason to celebrate for all. Every year, it brings with it an impending doom to all “talking stages,” “situationships” and even some new relationships. Single people in Blacksburg need a good place to escape the roses, candy hearts and unnecessarily large teddy bears.

While some lucky couples will be enjoying cute Blacksburg date spots, such as a sunrise hike on Bald Knob, an ice cream cone at Sugar Magnolia or splitting Gillie’s banana walnut French toast, others might need a more comforting spot to express their emotions in peace. Especially with inches of snow on the ground and frigid temperatures, a warm building and clean bathroom are the perfect storm to let a good cry out.

For comfortable, on-campus study spots that double as private nooks away from the outside world, Newman Library and Major Williams Hall both offer many options. Newman Library gets a special shoutout, as the first floor is usually empty, but it holds comfy couches, lots of seating and an impeccably clean bathroom that looks like it was designed to be in a Ritz-Carlton. The fourth floor has some booths and private study areas, but the noisier atmosphere might pose an issue for some. Remember you have to reserve a spot well in advance, so saving the tears for a more convenient time might be necessary. Major Williams Hall has secluded booths and couches in its lobby, and there are a couple desks and classrooms on higher floors where windows look out onto Lane Hall.

For a study break that is a little more public, crying into a plate of 1872 Fire Grill’s chicken and waffles in a circle booth seems like the perfect lunch treat leading up to Valentine’s Day (as the dish is only available on Fridays). Dolci’s crepes are also perfect for a sweet tooth, and they are incredibly portable if need be. Every dining hall has certain seating areas that better lend themselves to tuning out the rest of the world and curating the ultimate “in my bag” playlist, but it’s personal preference at this point.

On the exact opposite end of the spectrum, some might find it more comforting to work on their revenge body while grieving their singleness. McComas Gym provides hundreds of weights and machines, and their playlist is high-tempo enough to encourage at least some bodily movement. Crying in the lap pool is allowed, and the locker rooms are clean and spacious to dry off in. Warm up in the humid pool area, as taking a dip will make one forget about any trouble on land (just be warned: tears might fog up your goggles). However, make sure to schedule your meltdown at least four days in advance, as the gym bros have been nothing but vigilant in swiping up gym spots recently. If you’re unlucky and can’t get into the gym (like the rest of us), try a nice, chilly walk around the Duck Pond. However, it is also the number one date spot on campus, so be sure to avoid any general couple-y happiness — hiding in the bushes might be a viable option.

In all seriousness, make sure to recognize both connotations of Feb. 14. Whether it be reaching out to your #single friends and celebrating those relationships or spending time with those you haven’t seen in a while, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to demonstrate the true value of love no matter what. If reading this article made you tear up (or want someone to talk to), check out the Cook Counseling Center (and pet the therapy dogs!) or the Women’s Center for confidential and helpful resources. This holiday should be a reason to cherish what one has, not to grieve what one does not.