Best of Blacksburg: Caro Lee's Donuts

The inside of Carol Lee's Donut Shop on North Main Street, March 22 2019.

The town of Blacksburg is full of wonderful restaurants, stores and other small businesses enjoyed by its residents.

The Collegiate Times released the annual survey of these businesses, and as usual, there are many different categories. The residents of Blacksburg have once again decided which businesses are deserving of the title as the Best of Blacksburg.

Places to eat

For all those foodies out there, a number of Blacksburg’s popular hotspots were ranked as the best in town, ranging from Best International Cuisine to Best Delivery Service.

With its delicious yet affordable breakfast options and wide variety of desserts and pastries, Our Daily Bread, located on South Main Street, was voted as having the best breakfast food. Alongside the delicious breakfast options, this restaurant also offers lunch as well as brunch with live music on Saturdays. Though it is technically not considered to be a restaurant, Sugar Magnolia, located on North Main Street, is known for having the best sweets in Blacksburg.

Carol Lee Donuts on North Main Street was recognized as the top bakery, which is not surprising based on the variety of scrumptious donuts offered by the popular donut shop. Zeppoli’s, on University City Boulevard, was voted as having the best international cuisine.

For all the vegetarians and vegans out in Blacksburg, Gillie’s is the perfect place to go for a quick bite to eat. With its close proximity to campus and delicious, healthy meatless options, it’s no shock that this locally owned restaurant was voted as having the best vegetarian cuisine in town.

Those who prefer more casual cuisine, Sub Station II, on Turner Street, was voted as the restaurant with the best subs in Blacksburg. With the restaurant’s low prices, this is the perfect place to eat for someone on a college budget.

The infamous Benny Marzano’s on Prices Fork Road, well known for its giant slices of pizza, was voted as the top pizza joint in Blacksburg as well as having the best late-night food. As far as Blacksburg delivery service goes, D. P. Dough, located on North Main Street, is ranked No. 1. Another bonus: It’s fairly close to campus.

Green’s Grill & Sushi Bar on College Avenue was voted for having the best sushi in Blacksburg, most likely due to its wide assortment of sushi. However, the menu is not only limited to sushi; Green’s also offers a spread of salads, sandwiches and Middle Eastern cuisine.

Of course, for most college students, the most important thing in their lives is coffee –– Mill Mountain Coffee and Tea was voted as having the best coffee in Blacksburg. Located on North Main Street, this coffee shop not only has excellent beverages but also has breakfast and lunch items.

As far as on-campus dining goes, West End Market at Cochrane Hall, with its assortment of cuisines, took first place.

With its delicious fish tacos and affordable Mexican cuisine, Cabo Fish Taco was recognized as not only having the best Mexican food in town but also as the best overall restaurant. Additionally, Cabo is unique to Blacksburg, so if you haven’t been here yet, add it to your personal Hokie bucket list.

Over 21 only

For those aged 21 and over, several bars and stores were also listed on the Best of Blacksburg as having the best beer, best happy hour and more.

Sharkey’s was the winner in several different categories: the best burgers, wings, happy hour, cocktails and places to watch sports television. As a bar and restaurant on North Main Street right by the residential side of campus, Sharkey’s is the perfect spot for a late night bite.

Students who enjoy playing pool and shooting darts should head over to Hokie House on North Main Street, the winner of Best Place to Play Pool and Darts, to enjoy a few drinks.

Those who are preparing for a tailgate or frat party, or even someone who enjoys a good beer, Kroger was ranked No.1 as far as the best beer selection goes. Not only does this allow an individual to pick up beer on a grocery run, but Kroger has relatively low prices as well. In contrast, the best selection of wine is available at the Vintage Cellar on South Main Street.

Top of the Stairs, affectionately referred to as TOTS, is the most popular bar in town, packed almost every single night with eager people lining College Avenue to get in. It is no surprise that TOTS not only won Best Karaoke, but is also considered the best bar in Blacksburg overall.

Shops and other activities

There are not that many grocery store options in Blacksburg. However, the winner of Best Grocery Store is the Kroger located on South Main Street, commonly known as “Gucci Kroger.”

Those in need of books for the upcoming semester should consider making a purchase at the University Bookstore and Volume Two. Not only is it easy to find out exactly which book you need, but there are also school supplies and spirit wear, so you can kill a few birds with one stone.

Of course, as far as spirit wear goes, the Campus Emporium on North Main Street is ranked No. 1 for Virginia Tech gear, so be sure to head on over before the spring game to pick up some sweet new outfits.

While Blacksburg may not be known for a shopping mall, according to Best of Blacksburg, 310 Rosemont is the best clothing store this town has to offer. With its trendy options, this contemporary boutique is definitely worth visiting.

Jewelry is not something that is typically affordable on a college student budget, but those who are interested in some fashionable bling should head over to Kent Jewelers on South Main Street, the winner of Best Jewelry Store in Blacksburg. With both traditional and contemporary options, it is the place to go for a perfect gift.

For anyone looking to make a move on his or her crush, flowers are the way to go — and D’Rose Florist on North Main Street was voted the best flower shop in town. They even deliver.

Students who need to make copies of their work need not head off campus, the best place to make copies is Tech’s very own Newman Library according to voters. Not only does it provide the facilities needed for making copies, but the library also has printers with black and white as well as color.

Those who are extremely active should keep in mind that the winner of Best Gym in town is Blacksburg Boxing and Fitness on South Hill Drive. With monthly memberships and excellent trainers, attending this gym is a great way to stay in shape.

For the more outdoorsy types, Cascade Falls was voted as the best hiking trail around the Blacksburg area. It is a fairly easy hike and provides an opportunity to swim in the beautiful waterfalls, so it is no surprise that it is a favorite spot for most hikers.

The winner of Best Place to Buy Sporting Goods is RunAbout Sports on South Main Street, which offers a wide variety of equipment.

Skiing enthusiasts should consider spending a weekend at Snowshoe Mountain Resort, the winner of Best Ski and Snowboarding Slopes. While these slopes are not in Blacksburg itself, the students can travel over from this town by the megabus for only $16.

Steppin’ Out, which occurs annually on Aug. 2 and 3, was ranked as the No. 1 festival in downtown Blacksburg, with its arts and crafts booths as well as live music. Golfers in town should consider visiting the No. 1 ranked best golf course and driving range in this area, the Blacksburg Country Club on Clubhouse Road.

Music lovers should definitely consider attending a show at Moss Arts Center, voted as having the best live music in town. And, as a Virginia Tech student, you can pick up performance tickets for free.

For all the couples out there, Frank Theatres CineBowl & Grille was voted as the best place to go out on a date as well as the best movie theater in Blacksburg. Frank’s is not just a movie theater, but a bowling alley and restaurant as well.

Students with upcoming date parties or juniors preparing for the Ring Dance should consider getting their nails done at the best salon in Blacksburg, the Nail Bar on Prices Fork Road. With great prices, feel free to treat yourself to a manicure. Additionally, body art enthusiasts should consider heading over to the Ancient Art Tattoo Studio on Roanoke Street, voted the best tattoo parlor in town.


There are several other miscellaneous businesses that were recognized as the Best of Blacksburg.

With its close proximity to campus and its included amenities, The Edge was voted as the best apartment complexes in town. Though the rent is high, the cable, wifi, utilities and gym are all included in the rent.

On another note, anyone who gets into a bit of legal trouble could head on over to Creekmore Law Firm PC, located on North Main Street; it was voted Best Law Firm in Blacksburg.

For those who brought a car to Blacksburg, the best place to get a car serviced is Auto Master Tire and Service, according to Blacksburg voters.

The town of Blacksburg will continue to develop over the coming years, and new restaurants and businesses will establish themselves. As the new establishments come and old ones go, the Best of Blacksburg will always showcase the best in town.

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