Our Daily Bread

Our Daily Bread is a well-known staple of the Blacksburg community. The restaurant serves up fresh breakfast, bread, pastries and more daily and draws a huge crowd for brunch each weekend. It’s no surprise that Our Daily Bread took home Best of Blacksburg’s award for Best Place for Breakfast.

Our Daily Bread’s origins are steeped in the Hokie community, having been founded by a professor at the university.

“(Our Daily Bread) originally started back in the ‘80s,” said Jen Morrison, a current co-owner of Our Daily Bread alongside Hannah McCoy and Michael Soriano. “A chemistry professor at Virginia Tech named Karen started the bakery where the Cellar is right now.”

Morrison and her team have been running the restaurant since they purchased it in 2019. While the ownership has changed hands a few times since its inception in the ‘80s, Our Daily Bread has stayed true to its roots as a bakery.

“We’re definitely known for our breakfast in addition to our pastries and breads,” Morrison said.

Being known for breakfast creates extremely busy mornings at Our Daily Bread. However, the volume of food the staff needs to produce each morning has not made them waver in their commitment to freshness.

“(Every morning has) lots of breakfast going out,” Morrison said. “It’s also when our production team is really hustling, pulling fresh bread out of the ovens, and getting everything prepared for the day (including) the cakes and pastries. Everything is made from scratch, so we’re up and at ՚em early in the morning.”

Our Daily Bread’s fresh ingredients allow them to create a unique variety on the menu with their daily specials.

“To be perfectly honest with you, I have no idea what (specials) we’re going to serve tomorrow morning,” Morrison said. “We come in and get a look at what’s fresh and looking great (to determine them). Our specials are super popular because they change often.”

For customers that are less spontaneous, there are also some incredible staples on the menu. Our Daily Bread has classic breakfast offerings like waffles and omelettes but has also taken inspiration from a French couple that owned the restaurant for a bit to create another staple.

“We are absolutely known for our poached eggs,” Morrison said. “You can’t get much more French than that. (They’re) super classic with our Hollandaise sauce.”

Of course, the owners like to dig in on the breakfast as well.

“I love our breakfast sandwich; it’s the best of everything,” Morrison said. “It’s our fresh-baked croissant; it typically comes with bacon, but I sometimes prefer sausage, (with) eggs any way and a little bit of arugula and tomatoes. (The sandwich) is super fresh and hits all the bases.”

Our Daily Bread’s longevity and commitment to quality have made them a standout in the Blacksburg community. Although only taking the reins recently with the purchase of the restaurant in 2019, Morrison and her team have stayed committed to being a part of the community.

“We’re all most proud of having an opportunity to be a member of the community and carry the torch of something that’s been well-loved and trusted for so long,” Morrison said. “We take a lot of pride in that and are happy to be a part of it.”

As with all other businesses last year, however, Our Daily Bread had to change how they interact with the community to reduce the spread of COVID-19. To keep employees and customers safe, the restaurant made some changes to their service.

“We’ve introduced some new services that we didn’t have in the past, including our curbside and delivery services,” Morrison said. “We introduced online ordering, which is going to stick. So, there’s some silver linings to come out of (this experience).”

The changes to service this year have not changed the quality of their food, as evident by the title Our Daily Bread now holds. The owners are still very confident in the quality and freshness of the food they serve and are proud that the community feels the same.

“We’re the best place for breakfast in Blacksburg,” Morrison said. “We always like to be recognized by our customers and people who have been loyally serving us as well as we serve them.”

Our Daily Bread aims to stay ahead of the curve and continue to culinarily innovate by listening to the community.

“One of the nice things about being independently owned, small and private is that we can be responsive to what people are asking,” Morrison said. “We pride ourselves in having the ability to get to know the people that come in and we listen when people make suggestions.”

Moving ahead in 2021, Our Daily Bread looks to retain its title in the best way they know how. Consider stopping by and experiencing the Best Place for Breakfast in Blacksburg, as they have no intentions of letting that title slip.

“We’re going to keep on cooking,” Morrison said.

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