Sugar Magnolia in Downtown Blacksburg, August 11 2018

Sugar Magnolia in Downtown Blacksburg, Aug. 11, 2018.

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Going around Blacksburg, there are many different shops to consider visiting. Whether it be for food, gifts or other interests, Blacksburg isn’t an area shy of options. For those who enjoy sweet treats and crave a bit of sugar in their life, look no further than Sugar Magnolia: downtown Blacksburg’s go-to spot for all your confectionery needs. 

Located on North Main Street between the London Underground Pub and the National Bank of Blacksburg, the shop opened here in 2018, after the owner of T.R. Collection, a gift shop also located in downtown Blacksburg, decided to expand by opening a second store. The second store was made to be an extension of the concept of the first, a gift shop, but one that also catered to other interests. The end result was Sugar Magnolia, a gift and sweets shop hybrid that made the best of both worlds.

In addition to being one of the newer options downtown for a bite to eat, it’s one of the more unique offerings in the area. As you enter, you’re greeted with a view of the sweets side of the shop, surrounded by tables that lead up to the main counter where you can place your order. To the right, there’s the gift shop side of the store, where you can find many unique and exciting gifts to buy.

The menu consists of staple goods that one would expect from a sweets shop, as well as other options that cater to all types of patrons. With a hot cocoa bar that lets you customize your drink, an ice cream counter that carries over 15 different flavors to choose from and a confectionaries section that offers sweets like chocolate truffles, cookies and hand-crafted popcorn, the options are endless.

One thing that makes Sugar Magnolia unique from other places in the area that offer sweets is that the shop is a big supporter of Virginia small businesses. Its ice cream is sourced from Homestead Creamery, a dairy business based in Franklin County, Virginia, while a selection of its candy comes from Red Rocker Candy, based out in Troy, Virginia.

“Sugar Magnolia is the best place for ice cream in my opinion,” said Mohammed Humadi, a sophomore studying electrical engineering. “Their prices are also pretty low for how high quality their ice cream is. Whenever I have friends visiting, I try to take them there. The atmosphere is also really nice, and I really like how they'll have a lot of smaller stores sell their products there!” 

As for the gift shop side of the store, customers of all kinds are presented with a number of products from a variety of brands such as Kate Spade, Caspan, Sugarfina and more. Stationery kits, birthday cards, books and other offerings that one might expect from a gift shop are among the many different selections to be discovered.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Sugar Magnolia has changed from its normal store hours to its current daily hours being from noon to 7 p.m. The shop is currently not allowing for walk-in orders to be made. Customers can call and place an order for curbside pickup, and a delivery service is also available to those who live in Blacksburg or Christiansburg. For those who live in Blacksburg, Uber Eats and Grubhub are also options to place orders from.

Sugar Magnolia is a must-stop shop for those who want to truly experience what downtown Blacksburg has to offer. Whether you’ve got a taste for something sugary or you’re looking for something unique to buy, Sugar Magnolia is the place to visit.

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