One of the first brags a prospective Hokie will hear about Virginia Tech is the superior food on campus. Every dining hall brings new and delicious options to cater to the wide range of student palates and tastes in Blacksburg. Best of Blacksburg had to ask: what dining hall ranks above the rest?

Turner Place, nestled behind McBryde Hall on the academic side of campus, reigned supreme. Turner offers a variety of food options, from the addicting bagel sandwiches at Bruegger’s Bagels to the chips and queso at Qdoba to the made-to-order Origami hibachi to the plethora of smoothie options at Jamba Juice. Even the chicken and waffles at 1872 Fire Grill won awards as Virginia Tech’s best chicken dish (a very controversial opinion for chicken parm and General Tso’s fans). 

Critics might cite Turner’s distance from most residence halls as cause for a lower rating, but for most, the lengthy walk makes the heart grow fonder for its wide selection. Hiking across the Drillfield or fielding the traffic on Turner Street makes that iced latte from Dolci E Caffe or slice of pizza from Atomic Pizzeria all the more worth it for students. However, its extreme convenience for cadets, especially after physical training or early-morning formation, is one major perk. It is also central to large academic buildings that will eventually return to hosting lecture halls full of hungry students.

It is not just the amazing food that brings students in. The atmosphere is a contributing factor; with the fun playlist full of throwbacks and the hard work employees put into sanitizing tables and chairs for students, it is no wonder people keep coming back. Even in the early hours of the morning, the music is blaring and the staff is happy to serve the Virginia Tech community. Kareem Badr, a freshman general engineering student, works at Dolci E Caffe and had only great things to say about his workplace.

“I would assume that we have the best dining hall based on the quality of the food and the great environment to eat and study in,” Badr said. “Students feel confident that the food is clean and the place they are eating in is always sanitized.”

Peter Tozzi, a freshman national security and foreign affairs major from Manassas, Virginia, also works at Dolci E Caffe and loves the environment both in front of and behind the counter.

“All of my coworkers are super kind and helpful, and since this dining hall is so popular, I see people I know all the time,” Tozzi said. “I’m always waving to my friends.” 

Both Tozzi and Badr have moved around from Dolci E Caffe to other areas in Turner Place and in other dining halls on campus. The camaraderie and energy of Turner Place employees and visitors makes them love their jobs even more. Next time you stop in for a post-class Qdoba bowl, your daily Bruegger’s bacon, egg and cheese bagel or sushi from Origami, make sure to wave and thank an employee for all their hard work.