Duck Pond Sunset

Sunset at the Duck Pond, Oct. 11, 2018.

While it’s been a blessing for many to get out of their house and come to Blacksburg to spend their fall semester on campus, there’s been an unfortunate amount of boredom in the air. Many of the restrictions in the area have limited social gatherings and much of what students here would normally do for fun, such as going to parties and having kickbacks with friends.

“It’s been fun because since I’m a freshman I don’t know college any other way but I can definitely tell that campus would be more exciting if it was a normal year,” said Jackson Sirbaugh, a freshman at Virginia Tech studying communication science and social inquiry.

While there are limitations as to what can be done for fun, there are still plenty of options in the local area to have a good time. Whether you’re done with classes for the day, or trying to do something fun at night with your friends, there’s always something around.

For those who like being outdoorsy, the Blacksburg area has a variety of options to choose from for some outside the dorm fun, many of which are walking distance from campus. There’s the Duck Pond, which is great if you’re into walking along paved paths and feeding the numerous ducks that waddle around. Walking the golf course is a great way to get a nice, scenic view of campus that most tend to never realize that we have. If you’ve got friends who enjoy playing frisbee or simply just wanna hang out, the Drillfield is a nice place to bring your foldable chairs and unwind at. 

If you’re really feeling adventurous, set a day aside to go and explore some of the area’s numerous hiking trails. Thirty minutes from campus is Bald Knob, a near one-mile trail that’s perfect for those who want a relatively easy but scenic hiking experience. A bit far, but a must-do for all Tech students before they graduate is the Cascade Falls Trail, a four-mile hiking trail that is highlighted by an Instagram post-worthy waterfall at the end of it. 

Beyond hiking and options on campus, there’s further-out options that are great to consider. In the neighboring city of Christiansburg, there’s the Starlite Drive-In Movie Theatre, a great option for those who have or know of someone with a car here. For those into rec sports that are great to play with friends, at the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center, there is a frisbee/disc golf course that’s free to the public. 

While options in the area are limited, optimism and creativity are the best ways to beat boredom around here. Take advantage of the opportunities available to you to enjoy what this area has to offer, as those who were here before school shut down this spring semester can tell you, you never know what might be ahead. 

“I just know things will really pick up once clubs and classes go into full effect. I just hope we can stay here long enough for that to happen,” said Elise McCue, a freshman at Virginia Tech studying multimedia journalism.

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