A Virginia Tech student waiting at the bus stop bundled up to stay warm and healthy during the cold winter months, Jan. 27, 2019.

As the limestone-ridden town of Blacksburg braces for what seems like another never-ending winter, let’s all look back to the joy just a few months ago when we would have complained about the heat instead of the seemingly rampant amount of people going on ski trips.

Not so long ago, we were in the midst of what seemed like a heavenly combination of fair weather and low humidity while Virginia Tech students embraced hiking, tailgating and open-windowed drives. Now we are all stuck in our apartments, dorms and hotel rooms hibernating to a flurry of Netflix, Hulu and possibly Amazon Prime Video.

To the warm weather in Blacksburg: you are dearly missed.

That being said, we can’t go moping around town because it’s cold –– if anything you’ll lose concentration and slip on the ice. However, as Dr. Seuss once said, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

In that case, there are plenty of things we can look back on and look forward to for when the snow finally melts. There is plenty of fun to be had, and sometimes we can take it all for granted.

For starters, there’s the Blacksburg breeze. With plenty of air pockets and wind tunnels, Blacksburg always has a gentle breeze that cools everyone down just a little, until it betrays us in sub-zero wind chills. So, the next time the freezing wind tears through seven layers of clothing, remember that one day it will feel very pleasant.

There are many fun things to do in Blacksburg while it is warm outside, not excluding outdoor activities of course. In fact, in a poll created among Virginia Tech students on Facebook, over 50% chose outdoor activities, such as hiking, as their favorite thing about Blacksburg when it’s warm. While incredibly broad, it does show that many students here dearly miss the outdoors, and the perks that come with it.

“One of the things I miss the most about (warm weather) is being able to study and eat outside on campus,” said Andrew Curran, a sophomore finance major. 

Football came in a close second in the same survey. Tailgating at Virginia Tech is a big deal, and part of what makes it so special is what always seems to be a warm Saturday in Blacksburg, except for a few outliers. What isn’t there to miss about loads of people, the best entrance in college football and turkey legs?

Over 20 students voted that “not freezing” was the best part about it not being freezing outside. Warm weather makes everything better –– walking, talking, driving and even existing. Imagine standing outside Benny’s waiting for pizza when it isn’t above 40 degrees.

While Blacksburg takes a freezing cold nap for three months, uninterrupted by every prayer, including the timid personality of a groundhog, we can all at least appreciate the warmth that was once normal. There is the occasional warm front in February, and if we can wait for that, we can wait for spring break soon enough. There are a few activities that can be done in Blacksburg during wintertime, not matching the excitement of a warm night –– but otherwise fulfilling.

To the warmth of Blacksburg, please come back to us.