For seniors, stressing about the future has already begun. Some are stressing about getting jobs after graduation and others are stressing about graduate school.

Looking at grad programs and applying to them can make anyone want to pull their hair out. So to give you a break, but also to help you feel productive, here are some unique graduate programs offered at Virginia Tech that might be worth your while to look into.

Bio-Inspired Buildings

This doctoral program blends the science, architecture and urban Studies, engineering, and veterinary colleges together to teach students how to construct buildings and communities in a way that uses “biological systems.” The degree informs students how to build a bridge between architecture and the planet, attempting to inform doctoral students about the earth and how to develop buildings without harming the planet.

Disaster Resilience

This graduate program is for everyone under the sun (because disasters aren’t biased). The program teaches all types of majors risk management and how to handle disasters that affect the community and economy. Students will learn how to master new skills and learn about new ideas on how to approach repairing communities and ecosystems. Students in this program are offered travel grants and are required to have an internship. Before graduating, students must become certified in Disaster Resilience and Risk Management.

Forest Products

Disappointingly, this master’s and doctoral program doesn’t teach you about the types of trees or cute critters one might find in a Disney-esque forest. But instead, this master’s and doctoral program instructs its students about sustainable materials for construction using nanotechnology and biodegradable products such as wood. If you have a fascination with wood and trees, then this is the grad program for you. Students will take classes such as Wood Engineering, Wood Performance in Structures, and Lumber Drying and Processing. If trees aren’t your thing, there are other classes in this program, but if you don’t care about how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood, then this isn’t the degree for you.

Translational Obesity Research

This doctoral program teaches its students how to solve the national epidemic of obesity through prevention and treatment. This program merges the departments of human nutrition, food and exercise communication; agriculture and applied economics; human development; and psychology to inform students about the origin of obesity and how to prevent it in society. The program also teaches students concepts such as promising obesity intervention, basic science discovery, reducing burden obesity and other practices.

If you love trees and sustainable construction, these master’s and doctoral programs might be for you. Virginia Tech has some very unique programs for many interests and majors and if you want to stick around the greatest university in the world, getting these degrees is a great way to do so.

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Emily is a Multimedia Journalism major with minors in Professional and Technical Writing and Pop Culture. When Emily isn’t doing homework she’s either re-watching “Gilmore Girls” or jamming out to Taylor Swift.

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