Leather and fuzzy jackets

Date party –– a word that’s commonly thrown around on college campuses. In fact, most Tech students are probably familiar with the concept.

It’s a time where “frat” bros and “srat” gals sport their best dresses and coolest jackets and hit the nicest bars in Blacksburg. The venues are all rented out for Virginia Tech’s Greek life members, plus their hot dates.

Basically, if you’re going to a date party, you’re just doing the same thing that you would when going downtown but with your sorority sisters or fraternity brothers –– plus, you are required to look nice.

“Nice” is a pretty relative term, but the typical uniform is usually dress pants, a button down and –– if you really want to dress up –– a jacket for the guys and the cutest semi-formal dress you can find in your closet for the girls.

That’s all fine and good. Girls usually have an array of cute dresses from their roommate’s closet or stores like Lulus, Tobi, ShowPo and more, but there’s one thing that almost all girls leave at home — a jacket.

I couldn’t tell you why girls just seem to not want to wear a jacket. It’s not too difficult to carry or find a spot to set it down and remember to grab it at the end of the night. Is it because after years of having your mom tell you to bring a coat for cold nights that you finally have the chance to defy her? Maybe she really had a point there.

Whatever the reason is, I know I’ve gone to many date parties without bringing one, and I’ve regretted it every single time. I know I’m not the only person who has stood outside on her way home, feeling too embarrassed to borrow her date’s jacket and freezing at night as a result.

Sure, jackets aren’t always the most attractive piece of clothing, but when you’re waiting outside for your ride in the middle of February, shivering in the cold, it may not be a bad idea to bring one and leave it on a table while you’re at the venue.

So even if jackets aren’t really your style, I’ve found a few super cute and trendy pieces that’ll keep you from taking your date’s coat at the end of the night:

Right now, fuzzy teddy bear jackets are super in-style. There’s nothing better than a soft and warm jacket that usually comes in neutral tones and can match any outfit. Stores ranging from Zaful to Urban Outfitters and even Walmart have jumped onto selling this trendy outerwear piece. Why risk being cold when it can feel like you’re wrapped up in a soft blanket?

You may not be in a biker gang, but leather jackets are a great way to spice up an outfit and stay  –– and look –– hot while doing so. This basic piece is great to have in your wardrobe, and odds are you already know someone who has one. It may not be the warmest option, but it’s definitely better to throw this on if you aren’t willing to sacrifice style completely. Forever 21, H&M and Lulus are all showing these in their lookbooks for spring.

Oversized blazers are in, and they are not going anywhere. With pantsuits being all the rage right now, this stylish and chic jacket means strictly business. A lot of people wearing jumpsuits and two-piece pant or short sets may want to check this style out. Online shops like Nasty Gal and REVOLVE are pairing these with everything, and who knows? Investing in one of these may come in handy for job interview too.

I’m going to emphasize the word “faux” in faux fur jackets because there’s never a point in buying the real thing. Faux fur jackets really dress up an outfit; they add a bit of glamour and don’t break the bank. ASOS sells them, Shein sells them, even Amazon sells them. Not only do these make an outfit stand out, but they are extremely useful for wearing to themed parties. You won’t be disappointed by adding this classic piece of outerwear to your wardrobe.

Your heels are probably hurting your feet after a long night at Hokie House — why be cold too? Just listen to your mother next time and wear a jacket. It won’t kill your look, and everyone else who’s out on Main Street won’t look at you and think you’re crazy for not bringing one.

Design Editor

Heather is studying Multimedia Journalism and along with writing for the CT, she is the Communication Executive for The Big Event at Virginia Tech.

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