A tray of freshly baked chocolate chunk cookies.

The situation –– you’re stranded on a desert island, and you can only save one Insomnia cookie from the plane crash. Which cookie do you choose? Your choice says more about you than you may think.

Chocolate Chunk

Chocolate chunk is Insomnia’s take on the classic chocolate chip cookie. Chocolate chip cookies are a universal favorite. Sure, there may be other flavors on the platter like peanut butter or oatmeal, but chocolate chip is always guaranteed to be there. It’s like that one kid from your high school that you somehow keep seeing everywhere on campus. This cookie is the classic favorite, the safe choice, the stable cookie –– always there whether it’s wanted or not.

If you reach for this cookie, you value stability and are very secure in your ways. You also tend to be afraid of change and have a habit of holding on to the past. You know what you like and you stick to it, and you thrive in situations that don’t require high levels of adaptability. Your friends value your nostalgic spirit because you constantly remind them to live in the moment.


The M&M’s cookie is a fun alternative to the classic chocolate chip cookie. Colorful M&M’s baked into fresh dough make for a celebration in your mouth. While not as common as the chocolate chunk cookie, the M&M’s cookie is a fan favorite.

If your go-to Insomnia cookie is M&M’s, you are no doubt the life of the party. Your presence lights up the room and you have a way of making others feel loved and included. You thrive in social situations where you can surround yourself with others who bring out the best in you, and you hate spending long periods of time alone. Your friends love you because you are an optimist who always sees the good in people and makes the best of any situation.

Double Chocolate Chunk

The double chocolate chunk cookie is the chocolate chunk cookie’s popular older sister. When this cookie is around, the chocolate chunk cookie is pushed aside. It is double the chocolate and double the fun.

If your favorite Insomnia cookie is the double chocolate chunk, you are adventurous and enjoy trying new things. Your friends can always count on you for a late night outing because you’re down for anything at any time. You’re fearless and you thrive in unfamiliar situations, but appreciate some familiarity and you never forget your roots. This quality makes you a great communicator, as you are always sure to keep in touch with family and friends.

Oatmeal Raisin

Let’s admit it, the oatmeal raisin cookie has been oppressed since the beginning of time. People tend to stray away from this cookie because of its lack of chocolate before even trying it. While not as sweet as the other cookies in the bunch, this cookie brings something to the table that no other cookie can –– nostalgia.

If you crave this cookie over the others, you are an old soul. You often feel like you were born in the wrong generation, and you long for the days when playing outside was favorable to staring at a screen. You are a homebody who prefers staying home over going out, and you possess incredible skills when it comes to communicating with adults. You love revisiting memories and reflecting on the past, and you often wish you had a rewind button. Your loyalty is one of the most valued qualities you possess, and it shines through in each of your personal relationships.


The snickerdoodle cookie is one of the most controversial cookies of the bunch. You don’t sort of like this cookie –– you either love it or hate it.

If you’re on the love it end of the spectrum, you are not afraid to speak your mind. You have an opinion on everything, and you make it known to everyone around you. You don’t shy away from conflict, and you think a good argument is healthy once in a while. Stubborn but respectful, you have a competitive edge in everything you do. You’re blunt, direct and you call it like it is, which occasionally causes drama within your friend group, but your friends have grown to love your physical inability to sugarcoat the truth.


Insomnia’s sugar cookie is soft, buttery and, of course, sugary. It may look plain at first glance, but the inside is what counts. Sprinkled with sugar and melt-in-your-mouth dough, this cookie serves as a sweet indulgence for those with a sweet tooth.

If this is your desert island pick, you are just as sweet as the cookie. You are selfless and live to put others above you. You are kind-hearted and inviting, and you are often described as the “mom friend.” There is nothing you wouldn’t do for your friends; they mean more to you than words can express. You are a world-class secret keeper and a stellar advice-giver. You’re compassionate, loving and you believe that there’s nothing a small, thoughtful gesture can’t fix. Your friends know they can always count on you to brighten their bad days with a hug or a milkshake.

We don’t often think of dessert preferences as an indication of personality traits, but your go-to cookie can reveal a lot about you. No matter which Insomnia cookie you identify with most, each is unique in its own way. Whether you’re a sweet sugar cookie lover or a spontaneous M&M’s lover, your personality makes you stand out from the bunch –– or the batch.


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