Eating Vegan

Peppers at Kroger sit waiting to be selected by customers, Jan. 24, 2017.

For those who haven’t heard by now, one of the caveats of this upcoming Fall 2020 semester is that those who are living off-campus won’t be able to purchase an off-campus dining plan. This means that dining halls this fall will be only available to service students living on campus. 

Those who have leftover funds from the Spring 2020 semester will be able to use the remaining money within their account this fall, but they will not be able to add additional funds, meaning that once the account is depleted of funds, that they are unable to purchase from dining halls for the remainder of the semester. This is applicable to those who lived on campus in residence halls this past spring semester if they did not choose to stay in their dorm after the university’s transition to Zoom classes, as well as those who lived off campus but had an off-campus dining plan. 

Because of this, students living off campus are upset with the university’s decision.

“Disappointed, especially if off-campus students can't eat on campus at all,” said Khal Clary, a rising senior studying economics.

While this surely is a disappointment to many students, it is not the end of the world, nor is it a reason to panic. There are a wide variety of places to shop in Blacksburg and Christiansburg, with grocery stores that will surely satisfy the needs of any and all students. 

If you are looking for grocery stores close to campus, Kroger and Food Lion are two popular local options that can satisfy the needs of just about any shopper. Both offer store and name brand selections that are typical of any grocery store. 

For those willing to drive a bit further for more cost-friendly options, Aldi and Walmart are two locations that will surely help you save on your next run to the store. The stores are a relatively small drive out of Blacksburg over into Christiansburg.

Aldi is known for its low-cost goods that often are significantly cheaper than its competitors. While its selection is relatively smaller than most grocery stores, Aldi is a budget-friendly option for those seeking to eat well and spend less this fall.

For those who are seeking a cost-friendly store with a broad range of goods to choose from, Walmart is an option to consider. This particular store benefits from having a bus stop outside of it, offered through Blacksburg Transit. If you’re looking to shop at a low-cost grocery store and are in need of a means to get there without walking all the way, Walmart may be the best option for you. 

While many of us who live off campus would surely love to be able to eat at the many wonderful dining halls that Tech has to offer, this fall will unfortunately not be the time for that. However, living off campus food-wise will truly be what you make of it, so make it a good time by shopping smart. 

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