Animal Print Shirt

A Virginia Tech student wearing an animal print shirt, Oct. 15, 2019

It’s finally fall in Blacksburg. The leaves are slowly starting to change colors and fall off the trees. The 90-degree weather has come to a halt and been replaced with temperatures in the 50s and 60s. One thing to look forward to with the arrival of fall is the  arrival of fall fashion. You can finally whip out those cute comfy sweaters and your funky patterned jeans that you stored in the back of your closet all summer. It is also an opportunity to say hello to the new fall trends this year, which you always end up buying clothes for even when you say you won’t. .

This year, a lot of the fall trends consist of things we have seen in the past that are being brought back into the limelight for a second coming. All of these “blast from the past” pieces consist of items from decades like the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s. 

Although animal prints have been around for a very long time, the fashion world has been hot and cold with regard to them. Some years animal prints are in, and some years they are out. 2019 has arrived, though, and the verdict is in: animal prints are not a want, not a need, but a  necessity for you to add to your wardrobe. Whether it be cheetah, leopard, tiger, zebra, cow or snakeskin, all these animal prints add something special and exciting to an outfit. It can turn a boring, black party outfit into a funky and eccentric look.

One-shoulder slashed necklines have not really been a big thing in the past, but 2019 is making it a trend that will hopefully continue to last. This easy-to-style trend is making fashion headlines all over the U.S. and the world. It seems there are at least five girls wearing a top or dress with the exact slashed neckline look every time I go out to dinner or a party. I must admit that even I have a top like this that I’m in love with. . 

Puffy sleeves are back and better than ever thanks to all the celebrities, fashion runways and designers who decided now was the time to bring back the good old wacky, yet lovable, fashion trend this fall. This trend is a classic and, just like animal prints, it goes on and off the fashion spectrum every few years. When I went home for fall break and entered one of my favorite places on earth, Tysons Corner Center, I saw these puffy sleeves everywhere I turned. I could not seem to get away from them. I was surrounded by them in almost every store. I was not opposed to this; in fact, I loved it and even bought a few new blouses in the exact same style. 

Although there are many more 2019 fall fashion trends, these three seem to be the biggest and most well known out of them all this year. They all have a unique and interesting aspect to them, which draws people into these particular items when out shopping at the mall or surfing the stores online. Animal prints, slashed neck lines and puffy sleeves have come back into the hearts of fashion lovers all over the world. Don’t worry, because Blacksburg will soon get hit with these too. 

If you have not already, you will be seeing these styles all over campus when you are crossing the Drillfield, walking to class, on Center Street, at a football game, out to dinner with friends or at a party. You can even pick up a few of these pieces at some of the fan-favorite boutiques  in Blacksburg: 301 Rosemont, Fringe Benefit and Sundee Best. 

“My usual outfit is just jeans and a sweatshirt,” said freshman Libby Humes. “I am not usually out there with my fashion choices, but since I tried wearing snakeskin prints I have not been able to stop and have even branched out to other animal prints, satin outfits and itty bags. I am happy I am going out of comfort zone to explore these new trends and be my unique powerful self.”  

So be bold, be brave, try something new and embrace this year’s fall fashion trends.


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