VT Thrift

Like buying cool, inexpensive clothes? Ever heard of VT Thrift? The student-run discount store offers great-quality secondhand apparel to students at Virginia Tech.

Senior Kyle Tan and sophomore Brad Kesling, two Tech business majors, revitalized VT Thrift this past fall semester after previous owner Carter Davis passed the brand down to them. They manage the store through Instagram and Facebook by posting pictures of clothes for followers to browse. Most of the material is from thrift stores around Charlotte and Northern Virginia, where Tan and Kesling are respectively from, but VT Thrift also sells clothes submitted from Tech students as well.

Without a major city close to Blacksburg, it’s pretty difficult to go thrifting as a full-time Tech student. With VT Thrift, you have apparel from all over the U.S. at your disposal with quick delivery to your dorm or apartment. And for those who prefer online shopping to endless hunting through racks of clothing, VT Thrift is ideal as you can easily look through Instagram stories to see pictures of what you might like.

What’s one of our favorite things about going to classes at Tech? It is extremely unlikely that anyone will seriously judge you because of the brand of your shirt, how much money you spent on it or how new it is. So why not buy something cheap you actually like and save money?

Thrift clothes are also an instant conversation starter. New clothes are overrated and way too mainstream. If you walk into a class with a retro Pepsi Racing hat, there’s a pretty high chance you’ll be the only one, so you aren’t just another boring trend follower.

PLUS, just by tagging @vtthrift in one of your posts you will get an automatic 20 percent off your next purchase. Cheap gets even cheaper with a few thumb taps. And there is guaranteed delivery every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Tan states VT Thrift is “working hard to change the way students shop.” The brand seems energetic and eager to build its social media presence, with its Instagram exceeding more than 1,400 followers after only one semester.

I hope VT Thrift stays alive and thriving this second semester to provide students with an accessible outlet to fun and unique purchases that save us all some money.

Make sure to check out @vtthrift on Instagram or facebook.com/vtthrift to support the Tech community and two of its business undergrads!

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