Sophomore James Erdely plays a single player match in the popular video game "Fornite: Battle Royale," March 14, 2018.

People stop playing video games when they go to college, right?

Yeah, that’s not true at all. They just get better with time, unless you’re a “Call of Duty” fan, of course. Just ask anyone with an SO who plays video games how they spend their free time — one word: "Fortnite." 

What is "Fortnite" anyway? "Fortnite," or “Fortnite Battle Royale” is a 100-player survival game in which the last player or team left alive is the winner. Players can collect weapons and gather materials by hitting trees and walls.

The creators of the game combined the fanbase from former Minecraft players with people who love to play the once-popular “PUBG” (“PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds”), which was genius. “PUBG” had a similar premise, but was too realistic, whereas "Fortnite" hit it right on the mark with an ideal cartoony atmosphere.

Why is it so popular in college? There’s not many better ways to relieve college stress than fighting these kids in a virtual world and beating everyone. What is the whole hype surrounding it anyway? For starters, it is very addicting to play. There are 99 other players that you have to prove to yourself that you are better than by beating them in a cartoony game with unrealistic expectations, such as jumping on an old tire and going 15 feet in the air. If that happened in real life, most people would definitely just fall.

Once you start playing, you can’t stop. According to the top definition on Urban Dictionary, it is the game that most commonly causes your girlfriend to break up with you. This stems from the amount of focus this game requires. You just can’t talk to anyone outside the game while you’re playing.

When I started playing it, it seemed kind of stupid at first. But when I got past the point of placing last twice in a row, it got really good. As more and more people die in the match, the game gets more and more intense. The area in which you can play without losing health gets smaller and smaller. It almost causes you to constantly look over your shoulders like an ex-mobster in the Witness Protection Program. 

Toward the end of the game is when it gets really crazy. At this point your friends are probably all watching and shouting at every change in scenery. Then the circle gets smaller to the point where you have to build things and fight someone. Then they pop out of nowhere and shoot at you. But if you shoot back and get the last guy — everything stops and you get a victory royale, meaning that you won and beat everyone in the game (it is usually the reason you hear about 10 guys cheering for five minutes on your dorm hall). And that, is why you get addicted to "Fortnite."