VT vs Clemson - Stadium shot

Fireworks go off around Lane Stadium as the Hokies run through the tunnel before kickoff of their cross conference match up against the Clemson Tigers, Sept. 30, 2017.

It’s everyone’s favorite part of going to a football game in Lane Stadium. You’re waiting, you’re waiting, and then you hear those first few notes of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” and the whole stadium knows what’s about to go down. There’s a palpable energy you can feel in your feet and you start jumping.

But why? Why do we jump and why do we do it to “Enter Sandman”? Well, back in 2000, Lane Stadium was renovated and a new scoreboard was installed. The athletic department thought, “new scoreboard, new entrance video.” The department considered many songs, before settling on the one and only “Enter Sandman.” The song was first played on August 27, 2000, against Georgia Tech. ESPN College GameDay was there and this game became known as “The Lightning Bowl,” because a thunderstorm hit Blacksburg after the teams entered the stadium but before kickoff.

And the jumping? Well, before one particularly cold night game that first season the song was used, a couple Marching Virginians started jumping up and down to keep warm before the team’s entrance. Soon the whole band was jumping — and when the rest of the stadium caught on, none of them ever stopped.

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