2019 Gobblerfest

2019 Gobblerfest, Sept. 6 2019

In the wake of COVID-19, some of campus’ most popular events have been moved online. One of these famed traditions is Gobblerfest, a fair that usually takes place on the Drillfield where Hokies are able to explore different student organizations and figure out which ones they may be interested in joining.

The event usually attracts thousands of students, which would clearly violate COVID-19 safety guidelines. Thus, the event is being moved online. 

This year’s virtual Gobblerfest will take place on Friday, Sept. 4 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. EST. 

According to the event’s website, “attendees will be able to learn about the wide variety of student organizations on campus and connect with them in real time. Organizations will be able to be filtered by different categories to allow for easier navigation." 

Despite the online format, the event is set up very similarly to how it would be in person. Students will still be able to find organizations by genre, ask them questions and get more information about how to join. 

To attend this year’s virtual Gobblerfest, all students have to do is log into GobblerConnect, go to the Gobblerfest event page and find the tile for the student organization(s) they are interested in. 

This tile will include both a description of the organization and a link to join a virtual session of some sort – such as a Zoom meeting – where they can meet the leadership and members of the organization.

Organizations will be classified under one of 17 different categories ranging from Fraternity and Sorority Life to Recreation, making the fair easier to navigate. A full list of the participating organizations will be released after student organization sign-ups are complete. 

Gobblerfest might look a little different this year, but its value to the student body and the freshman class in particular remains unchanged. 

As stated on the website, the event’s organizers “encourage everyone to think about connecting with student organizations as an on-going journey that will absolutely be different but no less important than any other academic year.”

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