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Robins School of Business, Richmond University.

As our seniors gear up for graduation and possibly start looking for graduate schools to attend, one thing to always keep in mind is just how much they will enjoy simply being on those graduate school campuses.

This may seem miniscule in the long run, but your day-to-day experience in graduate school is going to be heavily influenced by the aesthetic beauty of the school you attend, and a pleasant-looking school can go a long way toward boosting a student’s enthusiasm. So for those students, here are a few schools that both exceed in the academic areas in which Virginia Tech produces top students and are exceedingly beautiful.

Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt, in Nashville, Tennessee, ranks third in beauty on The Princeton Review, as well as placing rather high on lists ranking both law and engineering schools. One standout building is the Engineering and Science Building, which melds both classical redbrick and tall windows in a wavy building structure to produce an interesting contrast between the old and the new. Another interesting site is the Old Gym, built in 1880, which now houses Vanderbilt’s office of admissions.

College of William and Mary

The second oldest college in the United States after Harvard, founded in 1693 by its namesake monarchs, William and Mary will instantly transport anyone who visits back nearly 300 years. Being an integral part of the aesthetic of colonial Williamsburg gives this campus a sense of age and wonder, and having a pretty good law school doesn’t hurt either. One notable building is the Wren Building, the oldest college building in the United States, which was designed by famed English architect Christopher Wren. Also of note is the Crim Dell bridge, a scenic pond crossing that is home to a number of romantic urban legends.

University of Richmond

In terms of beauty, Richmond ranks eighth on the Princeton Review, but I’d personally put it higher if I could. The Robins School of Business is a feast for the eyes, and Jepson Hall isn’t too shabby either. Richmond’s law school comes within the top 50 law schools in the country as well. Interestingly, the university is now offering virtual tours of the Richmond campus through the company YouVisit, so if you’re considering Richmond, a virtual tour might just be the way to learn about the campus.

Art is a support system for life, as the saying goes. And any place where you plan to spend quite a bit of time better be a place you can stand to look at. A pretty campus does not a college make, but it can help in making a decision about what path you’d be happiest to take in your ever-nearing transition to adulthood.

For students who value the aesthetic of college architecture, these are just a few of the most beautiful graduate schools that the United States has to offer.

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