Student Taking Money out of wallet

An illustration of a student bringing money out of his wallet, Jan. 29, 2019.

While many undergrads are busy worrying about making it to their morning classes on time or getting their assignments done before the weekend, a number of people are also worrying about grad school. To some, grad school is the final stretch before true adulthood comes into play. To others, it’s extra years of college that are quite the challenge to get in and get out of. For those looking to do grad school, but want to keep it as cost-friendly as they possibly can, below are some of the ways to help offset the expenses that those extra years of college can have on you.

Similar to how tuition assistance is offered to incoming and existing college students, financial aid is available for those who meet the eligibility requirements. Completion of paperwork and other documentation for FAFSA (Federal Application for Free Student Aid) is necessary in order to start, as well as other university-specified requirements.

An option that you may be familiar with is an assistantship, which is a paid position within the university that allows grad students to gain resume-worthy work experience before they leave college. Like a regular job application process, one must meet a set of standards and typically do an interview in order to be considered for such a position. For those interested, information can be found on the graduate school’s website as to how to go about the process.

While similar to assistantships, fellowships differ in that they are viewed as a financial aid award rather than a salary position within the university. Regardless, they are a viable option for many students seeking to go to grad school at a lower cost. For those interested in potentially applying for a fellowship position, it is recommended that they contact their major department for particular information as to what their major requires of fellowship applicants. Additionally, search option site Funding Institutional allows for one to seek out further information about fellowships and other related options.

For those looking to minimize graduate school living and educational costs, a unique option to consider is doing a work study. For more information as to what a work study would entail, take a look on the student employment page as to what the option has to offer.

Scholarships are arguably a common option that students tend to look at when trying to cover the cost of their tuition. Scholarships are out there for a variety of departments and positions for those seeking to do grad school. The Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid, a department at Virginia Tech, offers a variety of information and opportunities on how to apply for scholarships throughout the year. Check out its website for more info on how to apply.

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