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With a new semester on the horizon, students often create goals for themselves in the upcoming school year. Some students don’t want to repeat habits from their previous year of college and might wish to improve themselves and their grades. There’s one simple solution for reaching new goals for a new semester: organization. Here are some beneficial school supplies that can help you stay on track while you work to reach your goals.


As everyone knows, college is expensive. The best organizational item to invest in if you find some extra cash in your pocket is a planner. This is a place where you can jot all of your assignments down, big and small. Your agenda book is also where you’ll write down what days to study and when to start working on big assignments. By doing this, you’ll be able to work on papers and reports a little at a time and you won’t be procrastinating the day before your projects are due.

I purchased my planner from Lilly Pulitzer for $30. It has a notes section, address section and tabs for each month. I love my Lilly Pulitzer planner for its patterns and the amount of space I have to write things down. However, I know most people don’t want to spend $30 on a planner, so pick one up at Target, Walmart or Barnes & Noble for $10–15.

Colored pens and highlighters

The great thing about colored pens and highlighters is that you can use one or the other, or both of them, when taking notes. They can easily add a pop of color to your notes and you can use them in your planner to color code your different classes. Also using colors in your notes can help you remember them more than writing notes in one color can.

You can find colored pens almost anywhere and they come in many styles: felt tip, ballpoint and gel. You can find highlighters anywhere as well. If you aren’t really a fan of the neon color of a highlighter, I recommend mildliners. They’re subtle but still add a pop of color to your notes and come in a variety of shades. Whatever your preference may be, your notes will be poppin’ with a splash of color.

Desk organizer

One way to get organized is making sure that your study space is organized as well as your notes. Use desk organizers to separate your pens, pencils and papers from your classwork. Having an organized space will save you a lot of time when school work grows to be stressful and papers become cluttered.

Desk organizers come in many different sizes so they can fit on top of your desk or inside a drawer. Plus, they’re relatively cheap so you won’t have to break your bank account while you spruce up your study space.

Multi-pocket folders

Putting all of my papers in one place but separating them by class is what I started doing last year, and it helped me stay organized. I assigned a class to each pocket and I put my syllabi in a different pocket, and put all of my classwork and loose papers in with the syllabi. Having all of your syllabi and papers in the same place saves a lot of potentially wasted time and money.

Walmart and Target sell eight-pocket folders and 13-pocket folders, but if that’s too many pockets for you, Skydue has a wide selection of pocket folders to cover your organizational needs. They come in a plethora of colors and range from $8 to $9.

With a brand new semester creeping upon us, it is important to prepare through organization in order to efficiently reach our goals. After purchasing these simple organizational school supplies, staying on top of things this fall will be a piece of cake.

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Emily is a Multimedia Journalism major with minors in Professional and Technical Writing and Pop Culture. When Emily isn’t doing homework she’s either re-watching “Gilmore Girls” or jamming out to Taylor Swift.

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