Dorm Room Decorations

Dorm Room in West Eggleston, Oct. 10, 2017

It’s no secret that everyone and their brother’s cousin’s ex-girlfriend is attending Tech in the fall, and because of this, Virginia Tech is sticking freshmen in every available living space possible. While the size of your space may be limited, you’re going to want to cram as much of your personality into whatever VT gives you. Here are some ways to jazz up your living space no matter the gross, crowded and possibly inhumane place housing decides to put you in.


A few years ago, Virginia Tech made the decision to place students in their residence halls’ lounges due to lack of space. If this is the case again, here are some ways to maximize your privacy and your personality in this space. Chances are your lounge will have windows all the way around it, so put up some flags or discount posters from the Dietrick patio poster sale to shield yourself from Peeping Tom’s prying eyes. 

Also, since you’re sleeping in a makeshift dorm room, there won’t be any sinks nearby. Take a bucket and paint it or add a few stickers that you got from a recent Redbubble sale and slap a few on there. Now you have a giant bin of water for cleaning, drinking and whatever else your heart desires. Now you have another cool item in your room that at least one of your 10 roommates will be jealous of. Just to be on the safe side, I would recommend having an extra bucket in case one of those roommates is a bit too interested in your beautiful container.

Drillfield Ditch

Nothing is better than waking up in a central part of campus. You’re in between your classrooms and the dining halls. Pitch a tent on the edge of the Drillfield and spice it up by tying caution tape around the tent. Utilize the tape in another way by marking a square around your tent. No one is going to ask you to join their Pixar movie club if they think a crime took place in the middle of campus. 

Another way to deck out your campsite is by lining the path to your abode with animal traps. But they’re not just any animal traps, they’re traps that you’ve painted, drawn on and glitter bombed. No animals or annoying students are going to even think of coming to your “room” because your chic eye-catching decor screams “leave me alone unless you’re selling Girl Scout cookies.” They’ll just have to keep their jealousy 100 yards away from your tent or they’ll have to pay the price.

Lane Stadium Tunnel

Nothing makes you more of a Hokie than living in the epicenter of Hokie spirit. Be resourceful by collecting all of the pamphlets and advertisements from the first few game days and tape them to your wall. You’ll have the faces of Virginia Tech’s finest warding off bad dreams while you sleep. Your space will be unique and chic with your extraordinary wallpaper.

If sleeping in the dark gives you the willies and your football “poster” still doesn’t make you feel safe, string a few Christmas tree lights in the tunnel. Your living space will be illuminated when you’re pulling all-nighters and the lights will be the last thing the football players see before they jump with the rest of the student body to “Enter Sandman.” The Lane Stadium tunnel is better than a dorm because you’ll be around Hokie Spirit 24/7 and everyone on the jumbotron will see your cool pad.

Now that you have your inspiration to decorate your patch of grass or your microscopic territory, head to your nearest Target or arts and crafts store and get to decorating. Move-in day will be here before you know it.

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