JP's Chop House

JP's Chop House at West End, Feb. 8, 2019.

Cuffing season is in full swing, and when Valentine's Day is today, the stress to plan a great date with your boo can be almost overwhelming. Where’s a place you can take your S.O. that is inexpensive, but still fun?

While you might consider going out on the town, why not just stay on campus? It’s cost effective and there’s a lot you can do. If you’re a freshman or someone who doesn’t have a car, an on-campus date can be a lot easier to plan. Here are five great Valentine’s date ideas for when you and your sweetie are strapped for cash.

Lobster date at West End

This one does cost a little money, although you’ll want a meal plan; West End is clearly the epitome of fine dining. Lobster, fancy pasta, steak — you’ve got all of the works right in your backyard, and if you have a little extra money on your meal plan, you could even swipe for your date. What could be more romantic than sitting in a dining hall, surrounded by other students?

Stroll through the Hahn Horticulture Garden

Would you like a little peace and quiet on this large campus? The Hahn Horticulture Garden is a little gem, tucked away by McComas, that offers a variety of events for you and your date to participate in. Aside from the events, the beautiful gardens and art can make a rom-com dream become a reality.

Set up a hammock on the Drillfield

Do you and your date have a thing for PDA? Then do I have an idea for you. Be that couple that sets up a hammock on the Drillfield. Odds are one of you has an Eno — it’s college after all, who doesn’t have one — and if you are willing to fight for a set of trees on a chilly afternoon with a few warm blankets, then this would surely be a great idea. People-watch as students switch classes while you sit out on the Drillfield and relax with everyone else .

Feed the ducks at the Duck Pond

Another great activity when the weather is nice is to stroll through the Duck Pond and feed the ducks and geese. If you can get over the amount of bird poop, the Duck Pond is a lovely part of campus. Head over to Kroger (the gucci one, obviously) and buy some duck friendly snacks: Corn, lettuce, oats and seeds are all much better for them than bread. Just make sure to take it slow; the Duck Pond isn’t very large and your date will end quickly if you move too fast.

Stargaze at the Pylons

The best way to end a perfect night is to go to one of Virginia Tech’s most iconic landmarks, the Pylons. This “insta perfect” scene is beautiful for sunsets, sunrises and star gazing. The view is great and you can even sit out on the ledge to look out at the majority of campus. While it may be a big cliche, at least it’ll make for pretty picture on Snapchat.

If plans fall through and you need a date idea on the fly, don’t be afraid to take advantage of our beautiful campus. We already spend hours here daily, so you may as well add a few more. Who could say you’re being a cheap date when you spend thousands of dollars here already? Go out and make the most of it this Valentine's Day!

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Heather is studying Multimedia Journalism and along with writing for the CT, she is an Executive for The Big Event at Virginia Tech and a reporter and anchor for Virginia Tech Television.

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