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If you are anything like me, you salsa danced into the fall semester and it was nothing like what you expected. We were essentially doing the salsa at a discotheque.

I realized that the major I was in was wearing me out and scaring me, which caused me to battle with the decision to change my major, and I eventually did.

Thankfully, salsa dancing has made its way to the Sycamore Deli where it belongs.

I do not want to bore you with reasons why you should change your major or how — I’m going to leave that to Reddit or Buzzfeed personality quizzes.

If you are in my fall semester shoes, I hope to help ease any nerves you have about changing your major by describing how it feels after you make the big switcheroo.

Waking up for class is a tad bit easier

Once you are in classes that interest you, it might still be hard to get out of bed and get to your 8 a.m., but you’ll find yourself slightly more excited to do it compared to your previous in-major classes that bored you into hibernation.

You feel more prepared to go to class and actually look forward to what the lecture will cover. You might even stay awake the entire lecture — which is basically mission impossible for students in a major that isn’t right for them,

As long as you are not stuck with an 8 a.m, you will be ready to absorb knowledge like a sponge and you will be head-over-heels in love with the subject matter.

Making friends is less of a challenge

When you are studying something that bores you, being around people who are completely in love with that subject makes you less likely to form study groups and interact with them.

I’m not saying I was standoffish or didn’t make friends in my previous major, but when you find people in your new major who have interests similar to yours, it becomes easier to network with them and you have a sense of belonging with those people.

It is like bringing together moms who love 30-minute Crock-Pot meals — there is nonstop talking.

Your options seem endless

You may be interested in more than one branch of your major or one track of your new degree. Being interested in multiple degree options of a major gives you some waters to test and maybe even a backup plan to fall on if your initial plans do not work out.

Nevertheless, you have in front of you a wide array of options and you feel as if you can accomplish them all.

It even becomes exciting to tell people what your major is, and you tend to daydream about your future on a regular basis.

If only the tuition money was there to support all of those degree options. Sigh.

You would make the switch all over again

It is not all sunshine and rainbows when it comes to changing your major no matter how fabulous I have made it sound. Switching majors is a ton of work, but you realize that your newfound happiness was worth the headache of seeing multiple advisers and explaining the dilemma to mom and dad.

Switching can also change your graduation timeline, but you would worry about that 10 times over again if it meant getting a shot at studying what you love.

You feel brand new

Think about it — completely new adviser, new friends, new classes, and a new four-year and career plan ahead of you. You become everyone’s New Year’s cliche, but your pizzazz makes it  “new major, new me.”

Plus, you have a newfound sense of pride for what you are doing and new reasons for going to college.

Rip the Band-Aid off and conquer the uphill battle of changing your major — it is beyond worth it. Virginia Tech makes it easy-peasy for us to do so via HokieSpa.

In the end, this is your education and you deserve to study what you love. Everyone does.

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