Making a phone call

A Virginia Tech student calls their mom on the phone, Sept. 24 2019

A month of school has gone by, which means that several of us have finished our first round of exams, been to parties and are overwhelmed with the amount of homework we have. For some freshmen, this is the longest time they’ve been away from home, and they may feel a little homesick. We are bound to be homesick at some point in college, so here are a few tips to help cope until the next time you go home. 

Video chat

Whether you use FaceTime or Facebook Messenger — a great tool if your loved ones or you don’t use Apple products — video chatting helps because you get to physically see that the people –– or pets –– you are missing are doing just fine. Also, setting up a time to video chat can be something to look forward to during your day. A little motivation can go a long way.

Furry friends

Another thing you can do is order your pets some things online that they like. I personally use Amazon Prime, which provides fast shipping and is free for college students the first six months they open an account. Buy them some things they like and video chat with them once they receive the toys or treats you got them so you can see their excitement.

Pets are the best thing in the world. If anyone needs a little motivation, think about this: you go to college, are exhausted 24/7, have seven mental breakdowns a week, gain 4 pounds a month, think about dropping out more than 50 times a day, graduate, get a great job because you never dropped out and make more money, which means more toys and treats for your pets.

Pictures! Pictures! Pictures! 

I’m sure you’ve seen posts all over Pinterest and Instagram already about this, but just do it. Get pictures of your significant other (unless you’re a single Pringle), your loved ones and of course pets. When you look at them, try not to think about how much you miss them; instead, think about making them proud. Not only is it inspiring, but it helps you remember why you’ve come as far as you have. 

Exercise … ew 

Do not even think about skipping this section because you saw the word exercise; I don’t blame you. Our minds are our biggest enemy. Exercising makes you release “feel good” endorphins . Also, when you go on a run, turn up your music and let go of everything negative.

It’s OK to admit it

Admitting to your loved ones that you miss home can be hard if you’re stubborn like me, but saying it helps. Remember that some people you know may have gone through the same thing as you and they’re waiting for that phone call so they can help you through it. It’s a loved one’s job to help you through these situations. 

No one deserves to feel lonely. You can prevent loneliness and homesickness in many ways, so try to keep your door propped open, or ask in a group chat if anyone wants to go out for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Remember that a lot of the people you are surrounded by may be feeling the same things you are. Loneliness and homesickness are temporary and possible to overcome, so don’t give up.


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