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Virginia Tech Business Horizons, Sept. 5 2019

The Engineering Expo is upon Virginia Tech once again. Whether you’ve been waiting for this event all year, have dreaded this event or are a liberal arts major and have no idea what the Engineering Expo is, Squires and Cassel will be a suit-clad jungle Sept. 10–12.

For some underclassmen who are unsure of what to do at their first expo, fear not. We are here to help, providing you with information to crush your Engineering Expos for as long as you’re at Virginia Tech.

Dress for success

Nothing screams “I will be the best employee you will ever have” when businesses see you strut into Squires in your game day attire. Showing your loyalty to your college shows that you have no problem being loyal to the company you will work at in the future. Ladies, wear a bleached VT shirt with triangle cut out in the front or if it’s still scorching outside wear that cute tube top with just enough fabric to show that you go to Tech. This will let employers know that you’re able to dress for success no matter the weather.

Fellas, cover your body with as much maroon and orange as possible. Showing your school spirit at a job fair is the number one thing that employers look for. So, don’t stop at the body paint, add a maroon or orange wig if you can find one. This will totally put you over the edge and will have potential employers fighting over you the second you arrive.

Don’t wait in line

Any job that has a long line is not worth the wait. If a line is long that means that the employers are making really long spiels trying to convince students to come work for them, so you probably don’t want to work there. Good employers and companies should know that they have a limited window of time to talk to college students before we fall asleep, so they have to have their elevator pitches down-pat before talking to hordes of us this week. Also, if a booth has a long line you’ll be competing with hundreds of fellow Hokies for a job and we all know rejection is the worst. Protect your heart and your dignity and walk on by.

If a company has no line, that means they’re desperate and will hire you on the spot if you approach its booth at the expo. Who cares if you’ve never heard of them? They need you. All you have to do is walk up, shake their hand and you’ll have a job lined up nine months before you have even graduated school.

Come in empty-handed

Anyone who comes to an event at Virginia Tech knows that there will be free stuff on every corner, and broke college students could use anything we get our hands on. Make room for the free goodies you’ll be getting at the expo by leaving your portfolio at home. Everyone knows having a koozie in your hand is better than a resume.

If someone does ask to see your resume, text it to them. But don’t use iMessage, or whatever Android users have, transcribe your resume in the notes app, and send it to future employers that way. Texting them is tacky, but the notes app is classy. If celebrities can use it, then so can you.

Now you’re ready for your first Engineering Expo. If you follow these tips, you’ll be snatched up by companies and secure a job or internship in no time.

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