Graduate Life Center

Graduate Life Center, Nov. 19, 2017.

You might have seen the Graduate Life Center at Virginia Tech at orientation, or maybe you had a class in that big auditorium freshman year. Maybe you walked through the building’s carpeted hallways on the way to another destination. Whichever way the GLC has aided in your career at Virginia Tech, few of us have seen that it is one of the few hidden gems on campus.

The first floor is easily accessible to anyone, and it is filled with cool surprises. As most of the people who enter the GLC tend to exit once they find the other end, the building is somewhat quiet for most of the day, which is perfect for people who like to study in peace but don’t want to face the awkwardness of the third floor of the library.

“The GLC is a great place to get work done, and there are plenty of services provided for students,” said Rahul Thinakaran, a second year grad student studying for his master’s in computer engineering. 

Whether you are working hard on grad school applications or need a quiet place to study for upcoming midterms, the GLC has the perfect environment and setup for you.  

Apart from housing, some of the services the Graduate Life Center offers is a complementary Keurig machine, computer room and even a bicycle rental service separate from theRoam bikes on campus. The GLC also hosts manyservices specifically tailored to graduate life, including immigration services and information for grad students’ families.

Graduate students can also fully take advantage of the many rooms in the GLC. 

“The GLC has a number of bookable meeting rooms that can be used for work, and many people use these rooms for interviews,” Thinakaran said. “There is also a study room and a TV lounge with comfortable chairs on the first floor.”

In addition to the rooms on the first floor, there are a few vending machines set up for long study sessions. 

The GLC doesn’t have the typical on-campus building feel either. “The building actually used to be a hotel a long time ago,” said Thinakaran. “So, the reason some of the rooms look a little odd is because they used to be hotel rooms.”

The Graduate Life Center also has its ownAu Bon Pain on the first floor. As the third and most hidden Au Bon Pain on campus, it is very quiet, filled with tables to work on and has a pretty fast ordering time. So instead of waiting in line to get a breakfast sandwich at Squires, you can walk right across the sidewalk and order your favorite items in minutes.

The next time you walk through the brick-clad former hotel that is the Graduate Life Center, take a mental note. It might be the next place you decide to work on your next big group project. You might even want to make it your new favorite breakfast spot. There are a few places at Virginia Tech that transcend the world of classroom buildings and libraries, and the Graduate Life Center is absolutely one of them.

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