Jennifer Lopez, left, and Constance Wu in "Hustlers." (STXfilms/TNS)

Jennifer Lopez is a triple threat from the Bronx, New York. She dances, she acts, she sings and she does an amazing job at all that while still looking gorgeous and being fierce at age 50. Yes, you heard that right ladies and gentlemen, she is 50 years old and known as being one of the hottest women in the world according to People magazine’s April 2011 edition. 

Lopez’s parents, Lupe and David, were both originally from Puerto Rico but moved to New York during their childhood years and eventually met, fell in love, and had three daughters. Leslie is the oldest of the Lopez sisters, then came J. Lo and finally Lynda. All three have musical and entertainment talents, but J. Lo was the one who really shined through and became a sensation.


 J. Lo’s first entrance into fame started when she was a Fly Girl, a dancer, on Fox’s hit television show “In Living Color.” From there, she started her acting career and starred in her first movie, “My Family,” but really got her stardom and became a big hit as the title character in “Selena.” 

Moviegoers may also remember J. Lo from her other movies like “The Wedding Planner,” “Maid in Manhattan” and “What to Expect When You're Expecting.” These films are classic rom-coms loved by many and still watched over and over again — or maybe that's just me. “Out of Sight,” “Enough” and “The Boy Next Door” are some of the many drama/action films J. Lo has starred in, too. J. Lo returned to television as a guest star on the hit show “Will and Grace” and was also an “American Idol” judge for several seasons of the popular show.

J. Lo’s latest movie “Hustlers” was released in theaters Sept. 13 and is making headlines for its female cast, controversial subject and empowerment themes. Lopez’s character is a stripper, and that allows her to showcase her dancing talents on the screen. 

Throughout her career, J. Lo has been very involved in the music industry. She has starred in her own music videos as well as in the music videos of fellow friends and artists like, Pitbull and DJ Khaled. Today, J. Lo is still making music and putting on performances all over the world. Jennifer Lopez’s career, of course, does not stop here. The news just came out that she will be performing during the 2020 Super Bowl halftime show with singer Shakira, which means her fans will get to see her performing skills on full display during the highly watched event.

Jennifer Lopez’s career has been in high gear, and she continues to become more and more famous and a bigger sensation with every dance, song and role she does. Even though Lopez is 50, she will continue to shine on like she always has and probably will still be doing it all when she is 100. J. Lo has had a long and prosperous career and continues to be an inspiration to men and women everywhere to take a leap of faith and share their talents with the world.  Hustlers is yet another role where J-Lo has shown her multiple talents on the big screen and is being shown all over the world and yes of course in Blacksburg, VA. It is being played at Blacksburg’s finest, the Paragon First & Main IMAX Theater. So go out with your family, boyfriend, girlfriend, any friends and see the queen herself, J-Lo, at work.

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