Sugar Magnolia in Downtown Blacksburg, August 11 2018

Sugar Magnolia in Downtown Blacksburg, Aug. 11, 2018.

At this point in the semester, bank accounts are running low and the need for funds is becoming crucial. Virginia Tech offers a multitude of on-campus jobs that are convenient, but some people would rather venture off campus to engage with locals and earn a bigger paycheck.

After a walk down Main Street, the need for student employees is evident, whether it be in food service, retail or beauty. Here are a few places that are looking to hire.

Sugar Magnolia

Sugar Magnolia is constantly hiring college students and offers good hours and competitive pay. Work alongside fellow Virginia Tech students and learn to scoop Sugar Magnolia’s signature ice cream. Being so close to campus, this dessert shop is all about Hokie pride and is a popular place for locals to grab a scoop on game day.


Both grocery stores in Blacksburg are always looking to hire. They are in good locations, and are not too far to bike or walk to. Both Krogers are always busy, so there would not be very much downtime during your shift, and you’d surely run into people you know. Applications for Kroger are available to everyone online, but applying in-store is also an option.

Great Clips

Great Clips is accepting applications from students with cosmetology licenses with flexible hours. They are hiring at both locations, off of North Main Street and South Main Street. Great Clips is a great place to work if you are looking for a more easygoing environment, and is a great way to meet the locals and master the art of cutting hair.

Campus Emporium

There are two Campus Emporium locations on Main Street that are always accepting applications. Students looking to get more experience in the retail industry should definitely apply. Campus Emporium is a small, family-owned business that is a great place to sell Hokie gear and develop friendships with co-workers.

Sub Station II

This small chain sub shop offers opportunities to gain food service experience and develop relationships with other college students. With a prime location on Turner Street, students living on campus do not have to walk far, and bus stations are relatively close by. Sub Station II is currently accepting applications and is looking for students with more flexible schedules.

CVS Pharmacy

Located on Main Street and University City Boulevard, CVS Pharmacy locations are looking for retail store associates who can engage with customers and maintain the store. They are a bit farther from campus, but a bus stop is close to each. Students will gain retail experience and develop a relationship with a major nationwide company. CVS is constantly looking to hire students; the only requirement to apply is to be at least 16 years of age.

These are only a handful of the businesses looking for student employees in Blacksburg. Balancing school with extracurriculars, on top of a job, can be intimidating, but Blacksburg businesses understand how stressful it can be. Managers are willing to work with their student employees and their schedules to provide them with a stress-free work environment.

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