Try to avoid participating from a completely empty room in a Zoom meeting. Objects like bookshelves help the quality of your voice and alleviate echo. 

Even though the Engineering Expo occurred last month, that doesn’t mean there won’t be more job fairs happening this semester or even this school year. Since job fairs and interviews are going to be on Zoom, Skype or other video platforms for the foreseeable future, it’s important to prepare for them ahead of time instead of scrambling at the last minute.

For those of you who have never been to a job fair or have never been to any of your Zoom classes, fear not. We’re here to help you get a job after graduation, nail an internship and maybe even help you figure how to work the “mute” button on Zoom. 

Dress for success

Since your computer screen only shows the top half of your body, there’s no need to put on pants. If Instagram influencers, reporters and even the Bachelor don’t feel the need to cover their legs, why should you?

As for your top half? Don’t worry about taking hours to get ready –– just roll out of bed in your pajamas and bed head. It’s okay if your future employers see you in your giant T-shirt your mom bought you in middle school that you haven’t grown into yet, or your ratty pajama bottoms. If your employers see you when you’re hungover with eyeliner and mascara smeared down to your upper lip, it just means they’ve already seen you at your worst and there’s nowhere to go but up. So once you land the job — and you totally will — you can dazzle them with your great wardrobe, hair and make up.

Decor is everything

Now that your look is taken care of, it’s time to decide how your surroundings will look on camera. Please, I’m begging you, do not use a Zoom background at all. That looks like you’re hiding something, and it’s better to be honest with your employers from the very beginning. Don’t worry about cleaning your room before the interview; your employers should be understanding and shouldn’t care if your bedroom is spick and span. You have places to be and people to see.

As for room decor, there’s many ways to approach the giant wall that employers will see when you turn on your camera. Boys, cover your wall with a giant flag of the sports team that defines your entire personality. Other options include signs stolen from your drunken nights walking home from TOTS or broken-down beer boxes so employers know you like to have fun. Ladies, decorate your space with your sorority letters. For those gals not in a sorority, spruce up your wall with posters of musicians and actors. Employers need to know that Harry Styles, Timothée Chalamet or another skinny boy with brown hair are the number one priority in your life and not them.

Man (or woman) of mystery

If you’re too self-conscious about how you or your background will look on the day of your interview, just turn off your camera. When you speak to your employers over your Zoom microphone, you’ll sound ominous and powerful. This will make your employers want to hire you because they’ll want to see what you look like.

If you don’t want to turn on your microphone either, just use the chat option. Your employers will be hearing from you over email for who knows how long, so it’s good for your employers to know how to use your words to communicate. 

If you follow these tips for your virtual job fairs and interviews, you’re sure to snatch up a job in no time.

Lifestyles Editor

Emily is a Multimedia Journalism major with minors in Professional and Technical Writing and Pop Culture. When Emily isn’t doing homework she’s either re-watching “Gilmore Girls” or jamming out to Taylor Swift.

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