A classic margarita on the rocks. 

There’s a reason Jimmy Buffet sang about Margaritaville –– this classic cocktail is an easy, delicious and refreshing drink. Typically made with tequila, lime juice and orange liqueur, the margarita is thought to have originated in Mexico. With the Mexican-American holiday Cinco de Mayo upon us, it’s an excuse for many in the United States to enjoy Mexican food and drink tequila, and there’s no better tequila-based cocktail than the margarita. It has become an essential part of celebrating this Americanized holiday. So if you’re looking to get your “Margaritaville” on this weekend, here’s a short list of the best and easiest places in Blacksburg to enjoy the greatest cocktail in the world.

Green’s Grill and Sushi Bar

It might not be your first thought when deciding where to go for a drink, but in addition to delicious sushi and Mediterranean cuisine, Green’s offers many different types of cocktails, including the margarita. It may sound strange, but a margarita can taste delicious even if you’re eating sushi, a burger or falafel. If you’re looking to enjoy several kinds of worldly foods on Cinco de Mayo, Green’s is the place to go.

Cabo Fish Taco

Cabo Fish Taco is known not only for its delicious food, but for its expansive list of alcoholic drinks. Besides wine, beer and mules, you can pick from over a dozen different margarita variations, including frozen (“congelado”), spicy (“angry amigo”), sweet (“sourpatch”) or low-calorie (“skinnyrita”). If you’re drinking on a budget, the best choice is “el cheapo,” a standard margarita with a splash of orange juice.

El Rodeo

El Rodeo is probably the go-to spot in Blacksburg for Mexican cuisine, margaritas included. While eating your tacos or burrito, you can sip on inexpensive margaritas of varying flavors, including mango, raspberry and lime, either frozen or on the rocks. You can also tailor your alcohol intake depending on what size you get –– they offer small, medium or jumbo. If you’re looking for a variation on the standard margarita, try a Tequila Sunrise or Texas Margarita. You can get your tequila fix while enjoying a slightly more orange flavor.  


If you’re unable to make it downtown on Cinco de Mayo, you can pick up a pre-made margarita at the ABC liquor store. You may be familiar with Skinnygirl or Jose Cuervo, both of which offer margaritas of several flavors. These aren’t made fresh, but that doesn’t mean they’re not  good. You’ll be able to have a delicious margarita from the comfort of your home. Plus, perusing the cocktail aisle won’t hurt your bank account either. You’ll be able to enjoy more drinks while paying less than you would at a bar or restaurant.


Perhaps you fancy yourself a bartender, and decide to make your own margarita for Cinco de Mayo. The easiest way to do so, of course, is simply pick up tequila, limes, salt and margarita mix, all of which can be found in two trips to Kroger and ABC. If you’re feeling bold, however, you can make the entirety of the drink yourself. Check out this recipe, where you can find instructions on mixing lime, sugar, salt and cooking your own simple syrup. When the fruits of your labor involve tequila, it hopefully won’t seem so challenging.

Americans’ tradition of celebrating Mexican culture on May 5 has dated back to 1863 and is here to stay. So go out, enjoy some enchiladas, eat some salsa and chips, and make sure to drink margaritas responsibly –– there’s no better day to do it.

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