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Truth be told, I am an avid fan of ABBA and the first “Mamma Mia!” film. The original “Mamma Mia!” film has been one of my favorite movies for years and I find myself singing through the soundtrack in my car more often than not. That being said, I was elated to hear that a second film was in the making and would be released this summer.

Keep your eyes peeled, the film releases in the United States on July 20 — just days apart from the 10 year anniversary of the original premiere.

The title, “Mamma Mia! 2: Here We Go Again,” which was rightfully chosen, is very clever and perfect for the film as it pays homage to one of ABBA’s most famous songs, “Mamma Mia!” The cast and crew have been releasing information about the film over the last few months to keep fans excited about the movie.

One important question is: What do we know about the plot so far? We can find all of this information in the trailers. Four trailers have been released over the last several months, exciting fans more with every bit of information released.

If you haven’t seen the first “Mamma Mia!” film, it would be beneficial to watch before the premiere of the second movie.

In the trailers, we find out that Sophie, the main character, is pregnant. Sophie confides in Donna, her mother, when she feels concerned about pregnancy and motherhood. Donna tells the story of her own pregnancy with Sophie. Through flashbacks of Donna’s past, the film portrays how relationships built in the past navigate through the present, connecting the prologue to the rest of the story. The film follows a storyline in the present and connects it with experiences from the past.

One exciting aspect of the film is the restoration of the original cast. This way, it may feel like the second film will pick up right where the original left off. In addition to this, we can also expect to meet some exciting new characters. In the third trailer, we meet Ruby, Donna’s mother (and Sophie’s grandmother), played by Cher.

Four trailers have been released so far; however, Donna, played by Meryl Streep, has only been mentioned in the past tense. While there is no present-tense Donna included in the trailers, a younger Donna, played by Lily James, makes many appearances as Sophie learns about her mother’s past while she is pregnant herself.  

If Donna is mentioned in the trailers, it is mostly flashbacks of a younger Donna in the year 1979, moving to Kalokairi and meeting the three men who could all potentially be the father to her daughter, Sophie.

There have been theories that Donna actually dies in the second film. This has caused an uproar of controversy among fans on social media. The trailers that have been released answer some questions; however, they do not completely disprove the internet’s theory that Donna is not alive. Despite the trailers not shutting down the rumors, several sources have confirmed that present-day Donna is very involved in this film. Phew!

A music video has also been released, a cover by Lily James, Jessica Keenan Wynn, Celia Imrie and Alexa Davies titled “When I Kissed the Teacher.” This is an energetic cover of the popular ABBA song. The music video gives “Mamma Mia!” fans a glimpse into the early life of Donna and her friends as they graduate school and move into the future.

Aside from “When I Kissed the Teacher,” we can expect an exciting soundtrack featuring even more ABBA songs that didn’t make the cut in the first film. We can anticipate some lesser-known ABBA songs such as “Angeleyes,” “I Wonder” and “Fernando.” Aside from the lesser-known songs, fan favorites such as “Waterloo” and “Mamma Mia” will be featured.

Though the film isn’t set to release until July 20, fans are itching to learn more about the storyline before the premiere. Overall, I think we can expect another great summer flick about all things family and great music.

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Emily Hannah is a sophomore studying Public Relations. In her free time she watches Golden Girls and crochets blankets for her friends.

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