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From metallic eyeshadows to effortless foundation — the start of a new year means the start of new makeup trends.

New year, new you — or at least new makeup trends. Although 2017 doesn’t seem like much of a change (except for our new president, but I will leave that for a different article), allow this to be the year you venture out into the world of makeup and try some new techniques.

I understand some of you may think, "What’s the point of even trying that super-impossible-looking winged eyeliner that only looks good on Gigi Hadid?" The point is to do it for you and only you.  

Be bold. This is the year for women to take control and rule themselves; and what better way to do so than making your lashes look extra dramatic? I’m talking heavy mascara and maybe even some fake lashes. The darker the better. 

To create an even more dramatic, demanding look, try applying burgundy mascara to add an extra pop.  

Celebrity makeup artist Patrick Ta expressed his “love affair” with the deep burgundy shade which he uses to coat lashes. According to Elle, “To keep it from making you look tired, opt for a dark formula that shows its true hue only when it catches the light.”

In addition to playing up the eyelashes, worldwide makeup brand Maybelline declared metallic gold eyeshadow as a fall 2016 trend and Elle magazine proclaimed the trend would stick around for 2017. If this strikes you as unsettling, Ta backs up this trend as well, along with fellow celebrity makeup artist Nina Park.  

To provide one more source to ensure your faith in this trend — women’s fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar also supports the metallic lid.

As stated by Harper’s Bazaar, “Metallics are still trending, but for 2017 we're expecting to see them done in a much more delicate fashion. Think: swipes of silver shadow across the lids, or a touch of gold highlighter along the cheekbones. Nothing more, nothing less.”

Furthermore, makeup users are starting to shy away from the basic browns and blacks for eyeshadow colors. Today’s newest palettes are featuring more shades of pinks, peaches, maroons and even blues.  

Kylie Jenner’s newest product, “The Royal Peach Palette,” includes shades like burnt orange, bright peach and royal blue. Likewise, makeup company Too Faced re-released its “Sweet Peach” eyeshadow palette during December. As hinted in the name, the colors featured in the palette fall along the lines of peach.

Along with the palette came oil lip glosses, a blush and a highlighting palette — all following the same peachy theme.

According to Elle, “‘Think of this color as the 'new neutral,' says (makeup artist Daniel) Martin, who loved seeing the rosy shade at Dior, Pucci and Isabel Marant. And the beauty of a neutral is you can pull it off on any part of your face. ‘Draped sheer and high on the cheeks, graphic yet soft on the eyelids or as a healthy glow on the lips,’ says Martin. ‘Pink adds a fresh take to a bare face.’"

Taking the focus away from the eyes, 2017 is the year to sport a clear, radiant face. Forget the heavy contour and center your makeup routine around letting your skin breathe. If you feel that you must apply face makeup, buy skin products that specifically promote skin health.  

For example, RMS Beauty’s “Un Cover-up” is formulated to enhance the look of your skin while also rejuvenating it. Clinique also sells a foundation that is made with broad spectrum SPF. Benefits from using its “Even Better Makeup Broad Spectrum SPF 15” foundation include brighter complexion and fewer signs of aging.

To get back to the basics, Harper’s Bazaar is bringing back plain black liner along the eye’s inner waterlines. If you find the cat-eye too hard to perfect, applying eyeliner to your waterline is the fast and easy go-to. You can control the look as well; to make your eyes pop, heavily apply a black liner. To create a more natural, relaxed look, go easy on the application and try a brown liner.  

Whether it’s toning down the look or majorly toning it up — the goal for 2017 is to bring more attention to yourself. Go into the new year with a fresh face. Be you and be bold.  

Gretchen is a junior student majoring in multimedia journalism and double minoring in creative writing and popular culture.

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