Student working out in McComas Gym

A student working out in McComas Gym, Feb. 14, 2019.

The start of a new year brings new resolutions that people create to motivate themselves and get them pumped for the year ahead and the endless possibilities it brings. This is especially true this year as we move on to a new decade.

The 10 years from 2010 through 2019 brought us two extremely different presidents, the unimaginable change from a sweet and innocent Hannah Montana to a wildly insane Miley Cyrus (whom many adore), the rise of new technology and social media apps, and new and healthy food trends making their way all across the country. 

The new, and hopefully improved, “Roaring Twenties” lie ahead. When thinking about the limitless possibilities this new year and decade will bring, it is both inspiring and interesting to hear what resolutions and goals people have adopted, especially those of college students.

Resolution 1: Be healthier

Per usual, the most common resolution from college students for the 2020 year is to be healthier. Whether it is going to the gym to work out more or running in the neighborhood, doing any physical activity that helps build muscle and shed that fat from the past is always a great resolution.

Try to also replace the junk food filled with sugar and salt with fruits and vegetables. Also, remember to always eat at reasonable hours during the day, like 9 a.m., noon and 6 p.m. Eating late at night is an additional reason for weight gain, and processing food late at night takes a longer time to digest, keeps you awake and sometimes even causes a stomach ache. Being in college, students find late-night snacks very tempting, but try to stay away at all costs.

“For some reason, I can’t help but have a late-night snack at college, and it now seems to be a daily occurrence. My new year’s resolution is to not have any food past 8 p.m. because it’s not healthy and my stomach always hurts if I eat later,” said Samantha Hartman, a sophomore at Virginia Tech.

Resolution 2: Improve on schoolwork and involvement

Another popular goal for the new year concerns school, whether it involves academics, involvement in clubs and activities, or working and thinking ahead in regard to the future. Many students’ goals are to make good grades in the A and B range, get a good GPA, make the Dean’s List and even just learn about new things they never knew before. 

“The first semester of college was a little rocky for me, but I am going to put 110% effort into my studies this semester and hopefully make the Dean’s List,” said Bobby Alamo, a freshman at Virginia Tech.

Some students’ goals are to become more involved on campus by joining different organizations that they are interested in and putting themselves out there for the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. Finally, some students use their new year’s goal as an opportunity to find internships and jobs that would look good on a resume for employment in their field of study.

Resolution 3: Improve mental state and explore new opportunities 

Some college students’ new year’s resolutions revolve more around their mentalities. A few just wish to work on themselves, whether it be loving themselves, being more positive or being more mindful and less stressed. 

“My resolution for 2020, that will also hopefully carry on to future years, is to keep a positive mindset even when it feels like there is no hope,” said Sabrina Orsi, a senior at Virginia Tech.

Others wish to appreciate and celebrate things like nature, life, friends, family and more. Some wish to just survive another year.

College students have also talked about some random goals for this new year, such as using their Juul less or going completely cold turkey, or drinking less alcohol. In addition, some intend to do less partying, stay in to relax more, binge a new Netflix show every month or go out to travel more of the world.

“My 2020 goal is to explore more of the world and travel all over the USA seeing things I have never seen before,” said Wright Mercer, a junior at Virginia Tech.

There are many different resolutions and goals that college students set, but whether they’re big or small, they all matter the same. Fulfilling a resolution or goal, whatever it may be, is a success and deserves a celebration.

Remember the reason that you made this resolution or goal for this year in the first place, whether it is for you or someone else, and keep on fighting and push through when you’re tempted to give up. In the end, it will all be worth it and more rewarding. Virginia Tech students are known for being strong fighters and sticking things through. So Hokies, let’s keep up with those resolutions and make the start of this new year and decade one for books.

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