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Sept. 2, 2018.

“Rain, rain, go away,” is the nursery rhyme a lot of us grew up reciting when we were younger. As a child, I never really thought anything of the nursery rhyme, but now that Blacksburg has recently turned to “Bleaksburg” with its cloudy skies and rainy days, I understand the nursery rhyme more clearly. Rain can really dampen your mood. But fear not Hokies, here are some easy ways to brighten your mood when the weather isn’t so bright outside.

Get cozy

The first thing I like to do when it’s pouring outside is to get in some comfy clothes. Whether that be the pajamas you have on right now, or your favorite Virginia Tech sweatshirt, it’s important to feel comfortable as you face the gray and gloomy day. If you still don’t feel warm and cozy, I recommend a pair of fuzzy socks and a blankee.

Make some comfort food

Now that your outsides are warm, it’s time to warm your insides. If you’re just waking up, drink a cup of coffee to start the morning. If you’re not a fan of caffeine, try a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate.

Not in the mood for a hot drink? No problem. Lift your mood by eating some comfort food. Have a favorite meal  that mom used to make? Give her a call for the recipe. It might make your day a little better by chatting with the woman who raised you. If you don’t feel like cooking or talking to mom, run to the nearest Kroger and pick up some ready-made Mac-n-cheese or mashed potatoes to warm your soul and brighten your mood.

Make a rainy-day playlist

There’s two ways to go about making a rainy-day playlist. One way to go about it is listening to songs that are happy to lift your mood because the sky is gray and gross outside your window. For this playlist, I recommend artists like Michael Buble, Train and Queen. Another way to format your playlist is to listen to chill, mellow songs that can calm your nerves if it’s raining cats and dogs outside. I recommend adding songs from Taylor Swift’s “Red” album, Ed Sheeran or John Mayer.

Clean your room

If you want to feel productive, but don’t want to work on homework (who does?), I recommend cleaning your room. Blast your rainy-day playlist through your speakers and make your mother proud by tidying up your living space. You can clean as little as you want by straightening up your desk and bed, or go over the top by going as far as vacuuming your room. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you feel accomplished and cheerful to counteract what’s going on outside.


Rainy days can sometimes make you feel like you have no energy at all and that’s OK. Sometimes I’ll just want to lay in bed and read or watch movies the entire day. If you’re not in the mood to be productive, move to the couch or stay in your bed. Put a bunch of snacks, movies and books all around you if you don’t feel like moving. If you plan on watching movies or bingeing  your favorite show all day on your laptop, have your charger close by. Don’t worry about not getting anything done all day. . Sometimes we just need to take the day off because we don’t realize how hard we work as college kids, and when it’s yucky outside, that’s the perfect opportunity.

Whether you make your favorite meal and stay in bed all day or clean your entire apartment, it doesn’t matter what you do on a rainy day as long as your content with how you spend your time.

Lifestyles Editor

Emily is a Multimedia Journalism major with minors in Professional and Technical Writing and Pop Culture. When Emily isn’t doing homework she’s either re-watching “Gilmore Girls” or jamming out to Taylor Swift.

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