Himalayan Curry Cafe

Himalayan Curry Cafe located at University Mall, Feb. 15, 2019.

For some, the search for tasty food in Blacksburg is akin to how kids long for superpowers, thinking they’ll attain them one day, until, sadly, they realize they never will.

But there is good food here. It lies hidden in Blacksburg. After braving through many lunches, I have found three restaurants with favorable international food. Keep in mind that this food is a gift and a curse: You may never be happy again with the seasonless slop served elsewhere. Here is some of the best international food in Blacksburg.

Himalayan Curry Cafe

This is one of the few restaurants in Blacksburg where you can order and have your food in under 30 seconds. Having food ready this quickly would be a concern in almost any other restaurant, but here it isn’t.

The menu has evolved over the years, but the curries are still the go-to move here. They offer curry for meat and veggie lovers. My recommendation is either the vegetarian curry option or the chicken curry, but here’s something unknown to even daily customers: You can mix your curry options. Go and get yourself a veggie-chicken curry.


I’m generally not a fan of Asian food, but Spicity and Himalayan Curry Cafe are the exceptions. Spicity opened in August and offers authentic Asian cuisine, and if you’re a fan of noodle soups, you should try the duck soup.

You can think of these as pho or ramen or whatever noodle soup you’ve had, just better. It’s also cheaper than the other menu items that can range between $10 and $30, which is a lot for a college student.

If you’re in a group, I recommend getting a searing pan of food for two. And don’t be surprised if you spend an hour deciding on what you’d like to eat — this sit-down restaurant has one of the largest and most diverse menus in Blacksburg.

Yassimmo Italian Grill and Pizzeria

I will preface this by saying I worked here for two weeks. And I’ll be honest — there are some things on this menu that are bad, and that you can get frozen at any Kroger. The appetizers and sandwiches fit into this category.

But Yassimmo’s has one thing that other restaurants don’t: the most underrated pizza in town. Unlike the monstrous mess that can be found at Benny Marzano’s, here we have a pizza that is delicately crafted. And at around $10 for a 14-inch pizza, it’s cheaper than most large pizzas in town. These are not gourmet pizzas, but in many ways, owner Yasser Hikal creates these beauties in a way that they might as well be. He uses fresh dough, fresh toppings and a special tomato sauce, and voila, the best pizza in Blacksburg leaves his brick oven and is then served at a price cheaper than Avellinos or Ceritano’s.

If you haven’t eaten at any of these restaurants, they will surprise you. This is food that readies you for a day of work or late-night studying and  energizes you when you’re tired. Eating delicious food it is the closest we’ll get to attaining superpowers.

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