Stressed Student

A stressed student sits in front of their computer in anguish, March 29, 2017.

Final exams stressing you out? Don’t let them get to you — here’s the tale of a student who let their finals control them and not the other way around. Whatever you do, don’t be like this ill prepared student.

This Virginia Tech student probably hailed from Northern Virginia, as most students you talk to do, and was most likely studying for their degree in engineering undecided or business information technology.

Studying for classes like General Chemistry and Calculus II at the Math Empo, the student was “too busy” juggling five courses that there was no time to focus on one in particular. However, they had enough time for a three-hour power nap. After leaving their dorm room on the way to Newman Library to “get everything done and not leave until the work is finished,” the student stopped to pick up an essential from Hokie Grill Dunkin iced coffee, many Hokies’ beverage of choice. The student arrived at the library and decided to study on the second floor with their friends to do work —  a poor choice, really. Two hours in and four study breaks later, the student collapsed on the floor after talking with friends and reviewing their Quizlet flashcards.

The student was born and raised “right outside of D.C.,” which could mean anywhere from five minutes to two hours outside the city. They lived a full life, being one of a few hundred in their high school graduating class with Virginia Tech as their  first choice. After being a sports team captain, honor society member, delegate for student council and straight A student, their college extracurriculars were not as striking.

While they may not have participated as much, the student has done a lot in their time here at VT: jumped to Enter Sandman at a football game and promptly left after the first quarter, waited in endless lines for a smoothie or bagel in Turner, sprinted from Litton-Reaves to New Classroom Building in 15 minutes to make it to class on time and even went to three or four meetings for a club just to boost their resume. A lot of their time was spent getting Ubers to Oak Lane from the dorms and complaining about how much homework they had while playing an intramural sport.

They are survived by a loving family, including their dog, who they miss more than their parents; two older siblings, who go to colleges that aren’t nearly as good as VT; and their mother and father, who are paying thousands for them to skip their 8 a.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

There will be a ceremony to put the student’s motivation to work, energy to finish strong and drive to do anything other than sleep for the next three weeks to rest after final exams have been concluded. You could not ask them to go out, go downtown or any thing of the sorts; they didn’t want to leave their dorm for class, much less anything fun. The student in question was so bogged down with school, so many projects and tests to study for it basically killed them.

But on a serious note; finals can be such a stressful time for your friends and fellow Hokies. Be sure to be considerate of your hallmates (don’t be too loud), people who are trying to get work done around campus (don’t be too distracting) and of people you know have a lot more work than you. Everyone’s finals take a different form, but the most important thing is to be there for your friends who need it and encourage them. Good luck on your exams, take care of yourselves and go get that A!

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Heather is studying Multimedia Journalism and along with writing for the CT, she is the Communication Executive for The Big Event at Virginia Tech.

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