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Marlon Wayans at a NBA game in 2012. 

What could be worse than American actor and comedian Marlon Wayans starring in a Netflix original movie? Marlon Wayans starring as six people in a Netflix original movie.

One of Netflix’s newest original movies is “Sextuplets,” which premiered on Aug. 16, 2019, with Marlon Wayans portraying six farcical long-lost separated-at-birth siblings. The film follows the journey of an adopted, soon-to-be father Alan as he attempts to track down his birth family. In doing so, Alan finds out that he not only has siblings, but that he shared the womb with all five of them.

Wayans originally gained fame through starring in the 2004 comedy “White Chicks,” where two male FBI agents go undercover as sisters. In an effort to go back to his multiple character-portraying roles, Wayans created “Sextuplets,” but it unfortunately does not do “White Chicks” any justice.

While Wayans is able to show his versatile abilities in this raunchy Netflix comedy, the sheer simplicity and forced crude humor of it does not allow the movie to reach its full potential. Each sextuplet is wholly over-the-top, to the point where any humor is lost in the viewers’ awe at Wayans’ subpar character-changing disguise. Really, it just has poor elongated stereotypes and random twin-brother identity theft plots that disarray any substance from the film. 

Personally, my least favorite character portrayed is Russell. Russell is a heavier-set individual than Alan who solely watches TV and eats cereal all day, too scared of the real world to even get his driver’s license. In a poor move by the film’s director Michael Tiddes, Russell has the second highest amount of screen-time of all the characters. In a typical movie road trip scenario, Russell and Alan attempt to bond in their long car rides. While the setup for this movie has the potential to become hysterical, Russell ends up making each of his scenes uncomfortable to watch and honestly embarrassing. 

Amid the general failure of a movie, a particularly sucky scene was when Alan and Russell met up with their sister, Dawn, who is in jail. The scene is in a corny, stereotypical jail meet up spot, and Dawn busts in as an over-dramatic inmate who is so boisterous that it almost distracts any attention on the scene. In the same scene, Russell unoriginally gets his arm stuck in a vending machine as he attempts to reach a snack. 

It is safe to say that the film is uncreative and has a general bore that was never fixed throughout the entirety of the movie. It truly seems like the movie is comprised of half-hearted improvisations on Wayans’ part that were just thrown together so viewers can have an hour and 39 minutes of below-average humor. Some may expect merely a chuckle in watching “Sextuplets,” but it is unlikely. 

Overall, Marlon Wayans is able to portray six vastly different and outrageous characters, but the success of this movie is not going to get anywhere anytime soon. The humor is weak and recycled, the plot is not unique and any potential of success was stunted by Wayans’ generic and stereotypical impressions.

The film’s premise and star cast could have achieved success, but I struggled to even give this film three out of five stars. Some individuals do enjoy this kind of cheesy humor, and it was easy to watch, but I truly would not recommend this Netflix original to anyone. Better luck next time, Wayans.

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