Ballroom dance club members waltz their way through life

The Costume Ball, hosted by Ballroom Dance @ Virginia Tech, took place in the Graduate Life Center late this October. Aside from the Halloween-themed bash, the club also holds regular sessions on Thursdays

It’s late October: that time of year when many people have put time, money and effort into their Halloween costumes. However, it’s also the time of the year when some are scrambling to piece together their costumes. Tired ideas such as toilet paper mummy, Frankenstein’s monster and Playboy bunny litter campus every year. If you are one of the few who want to stand out this Halloween, this guide will help you throw together something last-minute.

The two categories for making a perfect cheap Halloween costume are store-bought or homemade. Located in Christiansburg, Spirit Halloween has a few costumes that are easily recognizable and fun.


Banana Suit

A classic seen at parties galore, the banana suit will tie together a tropical feel with a fun twist. These are also seen often around other times of the year and won’t be limited to Halloween weekend. Listed at $29.99 at Spirit, it’s a small investment for months of fun.

Harley Quinn

With “The Suicide Squad” film released in August, Harley Quinn has and will continue to be a staple of Halloween. This costume allows the wearer to let out their wild side and be an easily recognizable character. It’s $59.99 at Spirit, which is a step up for quality and recognition purposes.

Scooby-Doo Gang

If you have a small group of friends and want to create a simple group costume, nothing says Halloween like Mystery Incorporated. On Halloween, venture out with your group as the most famous paranormal investigator team around.

Spirit lists all Scooby-Doo complete sets at $39.99, but due to the simplistic nature of the characters’ outfits, all the costumes could be thrown together from a closet or two.


“Squid Game”

More than likely the most popular Halloween costume this year after the smash-hit Netflix series debuted in late-September, many “Squid Game” contestant outfits will be seen out and about this year. Due to the nature of the show, there could be unlimited amounts of these costumes. All you need are white Vans (sales have gone up 7,800% and rising according to Sole Supplier via NME). On top of that, a green tracksuit could be found on Amazon for $37.99.

Tacky Tourist

This one hasn’t been popular for some years but deserves a revival. Throw together a Hawaiian shirt tucked into cargo shorts with binoculars and a funny hat. Finish the look with socks and flip-flops. This costume is timeless, cheap and can be found in your closet or on a quick trip to the store.


You really messed up. It’s 7 p.m. on Halloween night. You never went to the store, or even planned out a homemade costume. Grab the sheets from your bed and tie them into a toga, and you will be ready to channel Greek life.

When you are against time and find yourself out of luck, these costumes should save you from the embarrassment of not having a costume, and they might help your friends too. Having a costume shouldn’t have to be stressful, and now it doesn’t have to be. Make sure to have a happy and safe Halloween.


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