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Academic side of campus, Sept. 3, 2019.

Often, much of the in-major coursework for a college student can be both challenging and time-consuming. It’s as though students spend their entire time at college studying the same few topics until they are bored out of their minds.

The solution to this is to take a break from your major every once in a while and sign up for a fun class that is completely unrelated. There are several easy, entertaining classes offered here at Virginia Tech without prerequisites that will take you out of your comfort zone. 

World Regions

For all the history buffs whose parents “encouraged” them to choose another major, World Regions (GEOG 1014) is a perfect fit. The class focuses on understanding how the world is influenced by both physical forces and cultures.

Students have opportunities to earn points in various ways, one of which involves watching films and documentaries pertaining to material learned in class. As an added bonus, World Regions is also offered online for those who are unable to fit it into their busy schedule.

Creative Dance

Everybody who loves to dance should register for Creative Dance (TA 2204). Open to both theatre majors and non-majors, this course emphasizes the expressive elements of dance.

Students learn how to work together with each other and choreograph their own dances by the end of the semester. Plus, taking Creative Dance is a great way to get in a fun workout.

Floral Design

Anyone who wants to explore their artistic side should enroll in Floral Design (HORT 2164), where students learn to create their own aesthetically pleasing floral arrangements. This course focuses on the impact that flowers have on people, specifically human emotions. 

Of course, be sure to sign up as soon as possible because it is hard to find a seat as one of Virginia Tech’s most popular classes.

Harry Potter Phenomenon

People out there with an unhealthy Harry Potter obsession should definitely consider signing up to take Harry Potter Phenomenon (ENGL 1074). The only textbooks required for the class are the book series itself.

Students spend the entire semester understanding and analyzing J.K. Rowling’s greatest works. And let’s be honest, it’s arguably the best use of all the Harry Potter trivia stored inside any Potterhead’s mind.

Geography of Wine

If you are over the age of 21, Geography of Wine (GEOG 4054) should definitely be on your list of courses to request. In this class, students learn about the economical, social, political and cultural impacts of wine on society. 

The class also focuses on how the place of origin plays a role in the type of wine. Who could resist a class where you get to not only learn about an alcoholic beverage but taste it as well?

While in-major classes are definitely important, it isn’t a crime to throw in a few classes not in your major. Taking a class or two just for the fun of it will really add to the college experience as a whole.

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