Dining Halls

Virginia Tech students wait in line to place their order at the Seven70 Deli, a restaurant inside the West End Market dining hall, Sept. 23, 2018.

One of the things that Virginia Tech is known for is its food. Many students love the food at Virginia Tech, and often it is even missed during the summertime when students are back at home. The real question is what is every dining hall known for. Now that the school year is in full swing, it is time to seek out the valued dishes and food on campus.

West End Market

West End is known for having great wraps, lobster, specialty waffles, cake, tortellini and breadsticks. 

“The wraps from Seven70 are so good that I would literally eat like five wraps and hug them bringing them back,” said sophomore computer science major Pierre Sarabamoun.

The Fighting Gobbler is notorious for having the best french fries on campus. They are larger fries that always go well with the burgers. The specialty waffle from Bistro Firenze on weekends is a fan favorite. 

“The waffles are heavenly, I love them so much. They are just always sold out,” said freshman microbiology major Kaylee Rodriguez.

There is often a long wait for the fluffy waffles covered with strawberries and whipped cream, but it is well worth the wait.

Turner Place

What was once a destination of utter chaos following classes in the past is now an option where food is ready fairly quickly due to most classes being online. With that being said, Qdoba often has long wait times on Grubhub during peak hours. Qdoba is a staple at Turner that students often enjoy. 

There are also lines for the chicken and waffles on Fridays at 1872 Fire Grill. The fried chicken is moist and crispy and does not disappoint. Origami is known for having amazing sushi and fried rice.

“Turner is the best place to get food because the food there is better quality,” said freshman engineering major Ryan Monahan. His go-to orders are  pizza, sushi and a smoothie when he goes to Turner. Turner has something for everyone which is partially why it is so well-known.


The legendary DXpress, or DX, is the place students go to for late-night runs. It is known for having mozzarella sticks, chicken parmesan wraps and chicken tenders. Although the menu is a lot more limited compared to years in the past where there were giant chocolate chip cookies and pizza, it is still a fun place to go with friends if the fire alarm goes off or you want to go on a late night adventure.


D2 is most notorious for its Sunday brunch and chocolate milk. It is all-you-can-eat, so when leaving D2 you are prone to be stuffed. The “Virginia Tech Milk” comes from the cows on campus through a partnership with the Department of Dairy Science.

 “The chocolate milk is top-tier, and the food slaps,” said sophomore computational modeling and data analytics major Nick Raines.

In addition to brunch and chocolate milk there is a variety of delicious desserts, gluten-free options and a yogurt parfait bar.


Owens is the global dining hall where American and international food is served every day. 

“Owens is my favorite place to grab a bite to eat since it is so easy to get to and the food is pretty good, as well as a variety of food,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriquez enjoys the rice bowls from Tazón. Owens is most well known for having General Tso’s chicken and chicken parmesan. The chicken parm is often comparable to something you would find at home or even a restaurant. Owens also has quesadillas from Tazón as well as the bowls.

In addition to the main dining halls, Squires, Deet’s and Hokie Grill offer other well known classics. Overall, the food at Virginia Tech is among the best in the nation, and it is something that students should enjoy because they only have four years to take advantage of it. It is an honor to go to a school with so many food choices that are so delicious. What will you choose the next time you go to a dining hall? Gobble up, Hokies.

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