Moss Arts Center

Moss Arts Center, Sept. 10 2019

The fall semester has rolled around again, and as the summer heat slowly begins to fade and the leaves are soon to begin to turn, the arts here at Virginia Tech are as alive and active as ever. Here are five art events worth checking out that will enrich your VT experience this fall.

Animal Style by Hsiang Tu

Performed by one of our very own faculty members, assistant piano professor Hsiang Tu, this program of piano music is subtitled as ‘inspired by the animal kingdom,’ leaving one to wonder what kind of performance could be in store. Is it going to literally have animal noises imitated on piano? Is the style of music going to reflect a feeling of what the natural world is like? Whatever the meaning, it’s sure to end up being a unique musical experience. The performance will be on Sept. 30 at 8 PM at the Recital Saloon in Squires. Admission is free.

National Geographic Live: View From Above

The third of three talks of National Geographic being held this semester, students can witness a trip on the International Space Station told through the perspective of its commander. And who doesn’t enjoy a little NatGeo every once in a while to talk about space? Add seeing it on such a unique viewing space right here on campus with tons of people in a theatre, and you have an experience that isn’t likely to be replicated. The viewing will be held at the Moss Arts Center, on Tuesday, Nov. 5, 7:30 PM. Student tickets are 10 dollars.


“HOME” is a comedy play that aims to utilize the stage in a groundbreaking way, building an elaborate set of the interior of a house with multiple rooms right before your eyes. The play promises to explore themes of what the nature of a home truly is, in both the mental and physical aspects, and just how difficult it can be to build either one in the context of the environment of the world we live in today. Perhaps it will make you laugh, perhaps it will make you think, perhaps it will make you question the way things work — but one thing’s for sure, it’s bound to be a play with nothing quite like it. “HOME” will be performed at Moss Arts Center on Friday, Nov. 1 and Saturday, Nov. 2, 7:30 PM. Student tickets are 10 dollars.


Every day, we generate and store tons of data without giving it a second thought. “DATAFORM” transforms data into 3D sculptures for viewing pleasure using technology such as LEDs and computer algorithms. Who ever thought that data could be art? Well, Daniel Canogar, Yorgo Alexopoulos and Jim Campbell certainly did. The exhibit is ongoing in the Moss Arts Center until Nov. 9, and if you’d like to see information in a never before seen form, you should consider stopping by.

The Santaland Diaries

This comedy play isn’t your typical Christmas special-- as evidenced in part by it not being put on in December. The protagonist becomes an elf at a Macy’s store, and has to endure the holiday rush time. Given that premise alone, I can already imagine the sort of comedy and commentary both it must contain on consumer culture and holiday crazes. If that sort of comedy is up to your tastes, this will definitely be a performance worth sitting down and enjoying. It will be held Oct. 30 through Nov. 1 at Theatre 101, 7:30 PM, and admission is free.

We are fortunate to have as much of an art scene as we do here at Virginia Tech, and as we prepare to breathe in the fresh air of fall, we may catch a breath full of the arts as well.

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